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Psarc Ps3 Extractor 2021

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Faves are files that contain information on the files and folder that this file is inside. cant extract them easily because are not in the format that are needed to extract them. These files are created and saved when you extract a psarc with the –WithID option (you can use also the default psarc format to have the exact format). If you have some of these files you can start a VAGExtractor (or the program you prefer) to convert them to the more common VAG format, you have to preserve the order of the sequence of the files, and the same number for every file. This way it’s easy to extract and open them in Foobar2000

Some psarcs have the beginning of a scene end inside, this is because they are used to do something between the start of the game and the beginning of a good character. At the end of the game, it needs to start a new scene.

Theres also a file that stores the list of characters and their IDs, the one that is created is a file called pids.txt this file needs to be created before extracting a psarc, but you can use only the characters that you want to add to your project (because it will be created with the files that will be used to build the project, but if you only want to extract some sounds from a psarc, than it’s also ok). Once the pids.txt is created, you can use the –PIDs option with the good number of characters and you will be able to extract the psarc without losing the order (that can be important for some games). This method is good for smaller projects like a single english voice, or for the vocal/music tracks that contain more than one character or for a very big psarc. If you want to know more about this method you can view the next block of tutorials.

Very small files (smaller than 100 bytes or so) as well as dummy files (0 bytes) doesnt admits compression because are so small that the compression algorithm is not able to reduce them, they will be stored without compression inside the.psarc archive even when is applyed compression over them. When listing the contents of a.psarc with this kind of files will be displayed with a percentage of 100% and both his compressed and decompressed sizes the same value
If you have any experience building psarcs for ps3 let me know. I am currently working on it. When using the existing tools i am receiving 0kb files for a language. I am currently using the kibin audio converter to compress the audio. Im not very experienced with the process. I tried using the AAX converter but it crashes a lot and if I try to use it with the audio, it complains about missing audio files. I would appreciate any help. thanks.
i can build psarc with some of the files, the problem is that the size is still 1 or 2gb due to the fact that 0kb files are being replaced with other 0kb files. I dont know if there are any tools that can replace them, the only tool i found is pspatch, but it says that i can only decompress/compress things, i need something to be able to replace them.
Psarcs are a little different, the original psarc is written, in advance, and the dummies take up a certain space, and are in the end. from there the psarc file is rebuilt. Basically, to decompress a psarc all i need is the original psarc itself, and the program will read the dummies as they are and expand them. when i go to convert the archives to a psarc, the program converts them to psarc, thus the files size is compressed. How can i do this?

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