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ChewTune enables you to easily remove DRM protection from your videos and convert them to other formats.
After you select your DRM-encrypted videos, you have the possibility to choose the file format for the output file, as well as adjust its settings (such as sample rate or frame rate).


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ChewTune 3.0.1439 Crack + With Key Download (Updated 2022)

D-r Media Converter


• Conversions

• Output: MP3, MPEG4

• Partitions: BIN, ISO, VOB, IMG, SUB

• Partition Modes: All, Free Space

• Control Parts: Drag and drop to the Batch window

• Filesize limit

• Add to playlist

• Session Manager

• All Output Devices installed

• Multilingual: English, Dutch,…

• Fine PDF Settings

• Batch to Other

• Bandwidth Limitation

• Confirm to start each batch

• Password protection


• Scale down is included: you choose the quality

• You can set the time limit for the conversion, to keep your wifi traffic under control, while you are upconverting your files.

• There are batch converters available, to easily convert you video collection.


• ChewTune Crack Keygen lags sometimes (Windows 7)

• The Bitrate at which the encoder starts is lower than in other encoders

• The quality of the final output might be lower than in other encoders

• ChewTune does not have a gui


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ChewTune 3.0.1439 Free Download

ChewTune Crack Keygen is a Free MP4 Converter that helps you to remove DRM protection from your videos and convert them to other formats with the best and most user-friendly interface.

Supported Formats:

Cracked ChewTune With Keygen supports all the protected formats that can be found in the Internet. And it’s probably the only free converter that supports a set of known files.

DRM-Protected Videos:

ChewTune helps you to remove DRM protection from a set of protected videos that are listed in this document.


ChewTune helps you to remove DRM protection from a set of protected videos that are listed in this document.
Converts DRM-protected videos to other video formats, so that you can store them in your player and share them with your friends.
Works in 3 steps. First, you have to select your videos, and choose the output file format.

One more question: what is DRM (Digital Rights Management), if I may ask? If you want to know more about it, read this.


ChewTune is free software released under the GNU GPL v3 license. It is also available as web-application.
Convert video files to web-compatible format.
Format selection
The program includes several codecs which are described in a list. Select the desired one:

G2: H.264+aac (H.265)
MPEG-4 (H.264)

New ffmpeg behavior
The latest version of ffmpeg is included in this version. It has a new “copyright” option.
-c copy

Use this option to replace the input file with the output file. This option is needed for using commercial quality settings.
-b:v parameter

Specify the bitrate for the video codec.
-b:a parameter

Specify the bitrate for the audio codec.
-minrate parameter

Specify the minimum output bitrate (in kilobits per second). The parameter is specified in integer.
-maxrate parameter

Specify the maximum output bitrate (in kilobits per second). The parameter is specified in integer.
Optional parameters
You have some more options.
-q:v parameter

Specify the

ChewTune 3.0.1439 Crack + Free Registration Code Free Download

You’ve just found out the hard way that your favourite video you found on the Web is protected by some kind of encryption. You can’t play it using any of the players you’ve tried.
This is normally a sign that your video is encoded with H.264 or Windows Media DRM . With ChewTune you’ll have your video back in just a few seconds. It uses the latest technology to decrypt the video and preserve its quality.
In addition you can also convert the files to any format you want.
ChewTune Features:
# Decrypts videos with H.264 or Windows Media DRM 
# Can be fully automated or by mouse drag and drop
# Chunks can be separated to enable quicker conversion
# Choose output format
# Adjust output format’s settings (e.g. sample rate, bitrate, pixel size)
# Enable’very high’ CPU usage for better results
# Try the free version to get to know ChewTune
Download ChewTune from:
You can download ChewTune from anywhere on the web and check out the free version for yourself. Don’t hesitate to send a feedback to let us know how it went for you!
You can also download the old version of ChewTune from here:

If you’re looking for more help, feel free to ask in our support forum:

YouTube video on how to enable streaming of DRM encrypted video files with ChewTune:

How to encode and convert videos with ChewTune:

How to use ChewTune for normal conversion:

Additional information on protecting videos with different DRM systems:

User Guide for ChewTune (PDF):

What’s New in the ChewTune?

– Converts your files without the need of breaking encryption or decoding
– Supports a range of resolutions, frame rates, and bitrates
– Much faster than external conversion tools
– Works with a wide range of DRM-protected formats, including:
– CCleaner
– BBC iPlayer
– Calvi
– Netflix
– Plex
– Ultraviolet

– Supports resolutions from 4K to Ultra HD up to 60fps
– Downside: these commands will ask for user permissions. You can opt out of that if you are not interested in the output format.
– You can choose the output format by pressing the right mouse button and choosing “Save as…”.
– Crop can be disabled via the “Crop the video area” menu entry.
– You can manually enter or change the sample rate, frames per second, bitrate, and VBR options, with the right mouse button to access the “Settings”.
– Encrypted videos can also be converted into several formats, such as MP4, FLV, MOV, and WEBM.
– If you want your output file to have an.mp4,.flv,.mov, or.webm extension, you must select “Save as M4V” or “Save as FLV”, respectively.
– You can choose between “Music Detection” or “ID3 V1.1”.
– Notice: you can’t delete/back up the original DRM files.
– ChewTune only allows you to convert files. It doesn’t work with files that are stored on a hard disk.
– You can also select an output folder. If you leave this field empty, it will default to the same folder as the input files.

== Version History ==
Version 0.2.1
– Fixed a bug which caused a crash after running an “Export as MP4”.
– Fixed a bug which caused ChewTune to crash after a failed operation.

Version 0.1.2
– Fixed a bug which caused a crash after running an “Export as MP4” operation.

Version 0.1.1
– Resolved an issue in which converted files were overwritten.

Version 0.1
– Initial release.

== Known Issues ==
– The chewtune command may need some time to run. This means that the application will not exit immediately after starting.

System Requirements:

8 gigabytes free disk space
2 gigabytes video memory
1 gigabyte VRAM required for some VR experiences
2 gigabytes VRAM required for many VR experiences
32 gigabytes available hard drive space
2 gigabytes available RAM required
An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 graphics card with 1GB VRAM is recommended, but other cards will work.
Minimum specs for Oculus Go & Gear VR (Android & Chrome):
1GB (or higher)

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