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Instructions to install the Web Server to an existing Linux machine

1) Download the HTTP Web Server installer to a temporary location (Ex: C:\Temp).

2) Copy the contents of the zip archive into a temporary location (Ex: C:\Temp).

3) Run the script to Install the

The HTTP Web Server

HTTP Web Server is an easy-to-configure and flexible Web server that supports the development of applications by providing a built-in app manager to install and uninstall new web applications as well as an install wizard.

HTTP Web Server Requirements:

Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later
Visual Studio 2017 or later
.NET Standard 1.6.0 or later

HTTP Web Server Installation Steps:

Install, configure the Web server software  by using the HTTP Web Server Install/Uninstall menu.
Import the installed Web Server using the Administration Console.

The HTTP Web Server Configuration Options:

• *A.1 HTTP Web Server Options*: This subsection provides a list of available options when installing the HTTP Web Server.
*A.1.1 Installation Location*: The Installation Location is the path and directory on the installer’s hard drive where the installed Web Server will be stored. If no value is selected for this option, the installer will create the default path on the installer’s hard drive.
*A.1.2 Admin Email Address*: The Administrator Email Address provides the username and email address of a user that is authorized to administer the system. If a value is not selected for this option, the administrator email address  will be administrator@localhost.
*A.1.3 Free Version*: Select this option to display the Free Version Web Server icon only. Otherwise, the Free Version Web Server icon will be displayed only when the Install Location points to an  HTTP-enabled web server, the Administrative Password is entered, and the Administrator Email Address is entered.
*A.1.4 App Manager*: Select this option to use the Administrator Email Address to use the App Manager. Otherwise, the Administrator Email Address is used to use the built-in Web Server Install/Uninstall menus.
*A.1.5 Listening Port*: This option displays the value of the Listening Port of the Web Server application.
*A.1.6 Default Document Root*: This option displays the default value of the document root.
*A.1.7 Default Relative URL-Path*: This option displays the default value of the relative URL-Path.
*A.1.8 SQL Database*: Select this option to display the option to use an existing SQL Server Database.
*A.1.9 SQL Database User Name*: This option provides the user name to be

The HTTP Web Server Crack Free License Key

License: GNU General Public License


Go to the C# Source
Ctrl-F “StringSourcePath”


private const string StringSourcePath =

Then click on this dot on the side of the line and select “Edit”


NullPointerException when creating class instance in android-extras

I am trying to access an instance of the Camera service in Android-Extras ( via reflection. I’m trying to do something like the following
Object obj = Utils.class.newInstance();
Class cls = obj.getClass();
for (Method m : cls.getDeclaredMethods()) {
//use method

It seems to be working fine, except that I keep getting a

at android.util.Log.println(Native Method)
at co.zendesk.androidextras.utils.Utils.println(

I’ve tried running it on the emulator, and have noticed that it’s not working at all on the emulator.
Am I doing something wrong, or is something up with the emulator?


The emulators doesn’t have the version of java running. Do you have the adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\sdk\tools\ant\build.xml file that they use to build the emulator, and has it in the directory of your workspace. I’m not sure if it is located in the same directory as files. So if you have file named with a println statement you might think you can do System.out.println(m.getName()) but that will fail.
Anyway, if you have the ant file you can use it and it

What’s New In The HTTP Web Server?

The HTTP Web Server is a handy and reliable web hosting server written in C#. It has a built-in Install/Uninstall menu and is console based.

It allows you to define the Server Root Path, Document Root Path, Listening Port, Admin Email Address, and the Directory Index Filenames.
The HTTP Web Server Installation Process:
The source code is available for download on GitHub.
The following video describes how to install and use the HTTP Web Server on Windows 7:

$ git clone
$ cd httpwebserver
$ sudo chmod +x install.bat
$ sudo./install.bat
$ curl -L >/dev/null 2>&1 && ( echo ‘httpwebserver is now installed. Run to check if it is working correctly.’ || echo ‘httpwebserver is now installed. Run to install the latest version.’ ) || exit 0

Configure and start the HTTP Web Server:
The following video describes how to configure and start the HTTP Web Server on Windows 7:

$ sudo./httpwebserver/main.exe -u

Free open source applications to download:

* CsharpTranslator
* CleverHans
* Indera Chat Server
* Remmina Remote Desktop
* PMDstudio
* Scripts to easily share files from any system

More links for the official web site:

* Website
* GitHub


Supported Linux Distributions
* Debian GNU/Linux
* Ubuntu Linux
* Arch Linux
* Fedora
* CentOS


Supported OS Types
* Windows 7 (x64)
* Windows 8 (x64)
* Windows 10 (x64)



This source code is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license.


External Links
* ** – **Official Home**
* ** – Official website
* *

System Requirements:

To experience this game at its best, you need to have a graphics card and a monitor that supports at least 1280×720 resolution. If you have lower resolution, the game will be displayed at lower than its optimal resolution.
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This game is for PC only and uses a DirectX 11 engine with it’s own 3D engine.
The game’s file size is:
1.1 Gb
Hardware Requirements:

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