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_Adobe Photoshop 7.0 on a Mac_

Photoshop, a program introduced in 1990, initially targeted design professionals. However, the program has gained an ever-growing following as an everyday tool for individuals and corporations alike. As recently as 2000, Adobe had a mere 3.6 million users; that number has since soared to 70 million.

For photographers, Photoshop is a powerful program that offers much more than simply manipulating images.

The program offers dozens of creative and nondestructive image-editing features, among them the ability to crop, alter, paste, and use layers, which are explained in Chapter 2. It also has a built-in retouching feature called Dodge, Burn, and Sponge that makes it easy to change the color of portraits. You can also enhance, remove, or add additional layers.

Some of Photoshop’s key features are in Figure 5-2. You can perform these steps by choosing Photoshop Elements in the menus or going directly to Photoshop Elements, where you select the Enhance tab, then click the Edit Image window’s button. (Look in the menus on the right for a list of tabs.) The steps are the same for any photo and are similar to those given here.

**Figure 5-2:** The Edit Image window enables you to perform tasks on your photo, such as adjusting brightness or color.


The tool that enables you to create text-effects frames, shadows, and more is called Shapes. The boxes outlined in a photo are called Shapes. You can also add text to a shape and, in most cases, modify it. By adding text to a shape, you create a frame or text effect around other text. You can also add a shadow, or create a background that blends seamlessly with the original image. Figure 5-3 shows you some of the ways you can use Shapes.

**Figure 5-3:** Adobe offers many ways to alter and enhance a photo with Shapes.

View Modes

You can view a photo in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, or split it into thirds, or fourths, or any other number of areas. You can do this in five different View Modes:

View: This is the normal mode. When you select a photo to open in Photoshop Elements, the photo opens at 100 percent of its original dimensions and is shown in the View window.

Fit: This View Mode distributes your photo in the image

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**Note: Photoshop Elements 2019 and later are now on-sale on

Adobe Photoshop has over 30 years of history in image editing and graphics design and now has an alternative app that is designed specifically for those of us who don’t spend all day staring at images.

What’s so bad about Photoshop?

Many of the less technical people I’ve met are excited about Photoshop because “it’s powerful” (or, more simply, “it’s really good”). I like to call this the “Mickey-Mouse effect”.

Adobe Photoshop is certainly more powerful than anything you’d find in an iPhone app, but that’s not what I mean. (When I say “powerful” I actually mean “large and overpriced”) Photoshop is a tool made for professional graphic designers and has gotten quite a lot better, on paper, over the years.

This is all well and good and fine, but it doesn’t do much for the average person who only uses Photoshop as a side project, a hobby or for image-manipulation.

If you’re looking to do things like resize an image, crop an image or create an editor-friendly print-quality image, this app is quite good. I will say that I strongly recommend going for a version of Photoshop that costs less — such as Photoshop Elements — if you’re just an average person and just want to use it to edit images.

What is Photoshop Elements?

The original Photoshop Elements was a yearly subscription product that came with a CD with a set of various programs (such as iMovie, and image editing program), utilities (such as a PDF editor), and software to edit digital photos.

It had no price but it typically ran in the neighbourhood of $50, which is quite a bit less than the equivalent subscription for Photoshop (e.g. Photoshop Creative Cloud runs around $20 per month).

Nowadays you’re able to get Adobe Photoshop Elements for free as an alternative to Photoshop or at a reduced cost (and sometimes for free). This entry-level version of Photoshop includes a lot of the basic functions like resizing, cropping and editing colours, as well as basic image editing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a popular software for image editing and manipulation. (Stock image by FauKrKay from Pexels)

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 has a great image editor that is very easy to use.

But it doesn’t have

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