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Meet Bully, one of the most misunderstood kids in America. He’s a nice kid, but he just can’t win no matter how hard he tries. This is the story of an ordinary kid and his extraordinary journey to make the world a bully-free zone. Will a simple act of kindness and a little magic save him?

Cecil’s best friend Skip and Cecil’s brother Zack are not on speaking terms. Both are struggling students and are bullied by Cecil, who is at the top of his class. Cecil is not a bully and seems to believe in being nice. So, when Skip’s family visits from a trailer park, Cecil is nice enough to invite them to spend the night. Then Skip’s family gets kicked out. Cecil is appalled. When Skip is kicked out of his house, he threatens to tell on Cecil. Cecil, who fears that he will be expelled, takes drastic measures, emptying a container of rat poison out on Skip’s driveway. Skip moves away, abandoning Cecil to his own devices.

The message is clear: If you are nice, you will be treated well. If you are mean, you will find yourself alone and your actions are only harming yourself.

When Jeremy Fink (Jason Segel) was 10 years old, he fell down and broke his arm. However, in retaliation, his best friend Danny Thompson (Paul Rudd) broke his arm. This was the beginning of a series of retaliatory actions that continues to this day. Fink was forced to quit baseball, sit at the back of the bus, and take home paper routes. Thompson was able to get whatever he wanted from Fink’s parents, while Fink had no money and no money for food. Other classmates taunted him. There is also a slight glimmer of hope as Fink becomes a high school vice principal and Danny matures into a guitar-playing rock star. This is a funny, light-hearted, feel-good film that illuminates the funny side of bullying. It will likely be good therapy for kids and parents alike.

Desmond is like the ant, it has been bullied and it doesnt like it, but it isnt strong enough to stand up to Steven Stoner, who is the biggest bully at Stoner High, yet. He hates him, he even hates his family, but hes stuck with them because of his permanent brain injury. Steven needs the help of a robot to combat bullies and Stoner High is this robot. Its inventor, Jennifer, has a good heart and uses her knowledge of robotics and electronics to build a robot to help Steven. Its simple at first, but as the bullies begin to hate it, he finds out it needs some upgrades. A scheming bully steals some of its parts, which makes the robotic fights more intense. What wasnt meant to be will become the best thing in Steven’s life.
These movies are all about bullying, from small acts to more significant ones. Each time its stopped and decided that enough is enough. This can be in school, the internet, and many times its just family life. If you or your kid are being bullied, you must have the conversation that is wanted, the conversation that needs to happen, the conversation that will stop their tears.
Schools, as well as districts and homes can be involved in the bullying efforts. Put up signs in the hallway that say bullying is not tolerated and equip the kids with knowledge on the internet and computer safety. Many times we dont know our children as well as they know themselves, so its important to open up the lines of communication.
First of all, I think its important to be very educated on these topics because you are not just saying that a kids being bullied isnt okay, you are now helping to teach kids better tools to defend themselves. Schools need to be ready for situations like these. Some kids are smart enough to know when not to post something on the internet, but others just dont think before they type, so the online predators are getting the best of them. The bullying relationship dynamics can cause depression and problems that go unseen, so you and your child need to know how to spot these and deal with the situation. If you suspect your child is being bullied or struggling with depression, it is best to have these topics discussed in a safe and respectful environment to make an educated decision.

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