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1. Realm Reborn launched on August 19, 2013.

2. Timeline (Accounts Old and New) – August 19, 2013

3. Introduction

4. Permissions

5. UI/UX for Raid

6. Core Requirements

7. Special Notes

8. Important Tips

9. Tutorial System

10. Bosses



2. More than 200 Monsters to Defeat!


3. Custom Classes and Equip to Provide a Rich Online Adventure


4. A Variety of Adventure Missions that Require Different Play Styles and Equipment




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • You can deploy unique heroes and use them to hunt monsters of various natures.
  • Enhance your armor, weapons, and magic by improving them with the relic left behind by the legendary heroes.
  • Form your own party and command them with the "Head Hunter" system.
  • Manage and recruit monsters of different natures to strengthen your party and challenge them to prove themselves.
  • Challenge others and become a legend by perfectly embodying your own identity.
  • System Requirements and Notes:

    • Windows OS: Windows XP and up
      Windows 7 not recommended
      Memory: 256 MB RAM at least


    • Early launch version

      Mac and Linux versions are planned for the western market.

      Windows version will be launched in Japan first.

    • After launch

      There are various plans to continue the updates on the service, including the addition of additional maps and contents such as dialogue and costumes.

    PLS Xiao Kuang-san and Yu Hasegawa

    • Creators: Xiao Kuang-san and Hasegawa Yu
    • Producer: Ohba Yoichi
    • Geneon: KSD Corp., Nihon Hoshonekentai Co., Ltd.
    • Studio Cygames: Cygames

    Available on: Steam Early Access (English and Japanese)

    Elden Ring: Sengoku Ring Reinforcement

    Launch Date: 2015/1/23 – 2015/


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    The game has an amazing world with a variety of scenery and a large population of people. The game is played on 2D maps with in each of the’star’ maps, ‘gates’ open to allow the player to interact with the world map, and the multiplayer aspect allows the player to create a party and go out on an adventure together.

    This game is all about the parts where you control the persona of a character, and the stories of the myth characters like the King and Queen you played before. The character can be a warrior, wizard or a merchant, and you choose your own profession and attain the various powers of magic by levelling up. The game revolves around travelling between a multitude of different places, and defeating various monsters and bosses.

    The game is very informative when you first start playing, it tells you the details about the villages you will encounter, the quest you’ll have to complete and the places you can go to by means of travelling.

    There are various events that occur throughout the game, and you choose your own way of fighting this by using the weapon you equip. In addition to the main story there are also quests for the gamer to complete that are part of the many events throughout the game.

    The character can fight against the monsters you face and also fight against monsters that become your friends. By killing monsters you can get equipment such as weapons, armor, weapons and so on. You will also be given items such as coins and items for sale.

    The multiplayer aspect is only two players, with up to four players being able to play on a same map with one party. The reason why the game lacks followers and other people to play on the same map is because of the large variety of monsters and items you will acquire from quests, and what’s more is that the map is randomly generated. You will find that those who play and start again after a while will have entirely different game play and quests.

    This game has a large variety of quests that can be cleared out using a variety of weapons, and the game creates a large variety of weapons. In addition to the common choice for the’sword’ weapon, you can choose to use many weapons like an axe, a spear, bow and arrows, a pike, a dagger, a battle-axe, and many more.

    The various weapons can be used to strike the enemy, stab them and so on, depending on your preference. The combat is handled with the keyboard,


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    I. Battles

    Battles are a key part of Legend of Karna, and the game mode that Rival Knights players have always been looking for. With the most enhanced and optimized battle engine, fights feel incredibly thrilling and end game battles are just one button away.

    The fight system is all about having fun and feeling exhilarated. As you fight, the battlefield becomes larger as the surroundings shift and objects on the field and characters on your team increase in size, making your attack range larger and longer. As you fight, various types of effects occur, ranging from stat increases, damage amounts, attacks from characters on other teams, and boosting to rise and even break the opponent’s defense.

    The effects differ with the many monsters in the game, giving a dynamic to each battle.

    Battles are made up of stages, and a variety of elements can be used in your attacks. Since attack and defense are linked, if you know how to use the elements well, you can maintain a higher defense while attacking and eliminate enemies more easily. Elements are divided into two categories, offensive and defensive. Offensive elements can be used freely in all stages, but only defensive elements can be used in the last stage.

    Elemental Arts

    The system that makes use of these elements actively changes at every stage during a battle. If you become familiar with the use of all elements and the effects that they yield, you can use the elements at key moments to efficiently dispatch your opponents.

    II. Cast Effects

    Effects from the character skills and abilities appear at different points during a battle, playing a large part in the battle. At the beginning of the battle, the characters on your side begin their actions. Since characters have various skills, the effects that appear differ with each character.

    Some characters, such as Karna, have the skill Brave Sword, which allows you to evade attacks and break the opponent’s defense at key moments. You can only use Brave Sword if you have the prerequisite Brave Sword Skill for the battle.

    Some characters, such as Duryodhan, have the skill Strike of Thunder, which reduces the times enemies are able to use defensive skills and thus increases the effect of physical attacks. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

    A character’s skills allow you to change the effect that you can use during the battle, changing it to something stronger or more appropriate for the stage.

    III. Damage Cal


    What’s new:

    Friday, May 11, 2017

    I’m excited to announce the availability of a new game. Shroud is an action role-playing game set in a lush and vivid fantasy world. It tells of a conflict between two races: Elden and Fringe. The Elden race is a race of fair-skinned people with pink colored hair and a kind soul. The Fringe race have dark skin and sickly blood.

    At first sight, the races appear to be different, but as the story unfolds, you’ll discover that the differences are merely superficial. Elden are peace-seekers, though they cannot fight and only depend on their weapons and armor to turn the tide of war. As for the Fringe, they belong to a race of warriors that worship evil. They come from another dimension and are capable of both physical and magic attacks without worry.

    The choices that you’ll make along your journey will determine the outcome of the war, and who will prosper and who will perish. If you’re looking for a tactical, fast-paced, and unpredictable action game, this is the game for you.

    Come back next week for a more in-depth review. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading my excitement.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2017

    I’m happy to announce the release of Shadow Fight Legends! Shadow Fight Legends is an addicting and thrilling action game where you control a Shaolin monk to slash and parry all kinds of enemies, from simple foot soldiers to gigantic monsters, until you’ve completely destroyed them.

    Instead of fighting in a generic arena, the challenge in this game comes from fighting in a gorgeous world and exploring it. Each area has its own unique environment, and together, these environments and the characters that inhabit them become your allies and your enemies. As you progress through the world, you’ll often be completely surrounded by enemies and challenging situations. Thus, you’ll become more adept at safely and quickly navigating the world.

    Besides combat, you’ll be able to equip a variety of gear with various stats, such as speed, shield strength, and health buffs, to help you defeat the opposition even further. While playing, you’ll collect and upgrade a variety of items, which can be equipped, and add to the character’s stats. You’ll be able to equip your weapons and armor using materials which are eventually acquired by defeating enemies, and using that equipment can very easily turn a basic melee weapon into an absolute powerhouse.

    As Shadow Fight Legends is


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • First download and install the game,
  • after that copy rar data to installation path,
  • Play game and enjoy it
  • System Requirements:

    Windows 7/8/10
    2.8 GHz Pentium III or faster
    512 Mb or more
    Video Memory
    25 Mb or more
    Drive Space
    2.5 Gb or more
    Online connection
    100 kb/s or more

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