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The Photoshop CS5 video tutorial “Photoshop CS5: Design for the Web” was made to teach designers how to use the Photoshop web-editing tool and give them an introduction into Photoshop’s tools for creating Web graphics.


The tutorial uses the “Make it look like” menu technique to teach designers how to use Photoshop as a way to create Web graphics. You’ll learn how to edit raster-based images, composite images, and create seamless images.


1. Open the Photoshop file

Open the Photoshop file that contains your photograph or artwork. Follow the steps on the screen.

2. Add new layers to the file

In Photoshop CS5, your document opens with one background layer. To add a new layer, press the New Layer icon (shown in the image below) to open the Layers palette. Choose Add Layer from the Layer menu. Select Color, select a new color, and click OK to assign the layer the color you want.

The Layers palette is the workspace where you make all of your edits.

3. Edit a layer

Select a layer in the Layers palette by clicking on it or by selecting it from the icon in the Layers palette. In this tutorial, the image layer is the brownish background.

Using the Layers palette, you can choose any photo, new color, or spot color to make a new layer in your document. Your original color layer is available to make adjustments. If you need to restore the original color of a layer, select it with the Layer drop-down menu and click the Restore button.

To make an adjustment to a layer, select Layer→New Adjustment Layer→Curves or Layer→New Adjustment Layer→Levels. These two adjustment layers are used to adjust levels and curves for color and brightness and adjust the curves on these layers.

In this tutorial, the brown layer with the photo, the cloud layer with the pyrite quartz (a type of mineral), and the main image layer are used.

4. Paint between layer groups

In Photoshop, there are two types of layers: groups and layers. Groups let you combine multiple Photoshop layers into one. Your layers are grouped together so that they are all part of one object or image. Grouping layers makes it easy to edit them together because they become one layer. You can move, resize, crop, and edit multiple layers at once.

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This article is about using Photoshop Elements to edit images. However, you can also use some of these techniques to create your own images.

Photoshop Elements contains tools for:

Reducing noise in images Fixing skin problems Adjusting colors, brightness and contrast

Modifying the appearance of people, animals and objects

Applying special effects

Working with JPEG, PSD and TIFF files

Naming and organizing files

Creating raster graphics and vector graphics

Editing shapes and Text

Adjusting settings and preferences

Setting up and using a keyboard shortcut

The easy way

You can edit images without using any complex tools by using the Quick Retouch tool. This tool is always available when you open an image in Photoshop Elements. It is also available from the Tools > Retouch menu.

Use this Quick Retouch tool to fix common problems with your photos. If you can’t see these tools, make sure you have the Enable Quick Access panel open. This panel is usually open at the top-left of the Photoshop Elements window, but you can also open it from the View menu.

You can use the Quick Retouch tool to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of your photo. If there is too much contrast in an image, the image will be white. This can look unnatural because it makes an image brighter than is needed. You can bring back the correct brightness and contrast by using the Quick Retouch tool.

Be careful about choosing the brightness levels for your image. Sometimes the Quick Retouch tool’s brightness levels can look too bright for photos with darker backgrounds. You can also use the Quick Retouch tool to eliminate the glare from windows and other reflective surfaces from your image.

Sometimes you need to remove part of an image or change the color of it. You can use the Quick Retouch tool to replace the color of any part of your photo. In addition, you can use the Quick Retouch tool to remove elements from your image. The best way to learn how to use the Quick Retouch tool is to watch this Adobe video.

Create a level image

The Simple Retouch tool makes it easy to fix problems with the brightness, contrast, and color of your images. If you have a good camera, it’s not often that you need to improve the quality of images that have already been taken.

However, it’s always a good idea

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I have a form which has 2 input type, one for a file and the other one for a image. The image input is used just for the visual effect of the placeholder and when the user selects the file it appears in the image input field.

File :



And this is the JS code:
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alert(‘No file was selected’);
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if($(‘#file’).val()) {
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else {

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System Requirements:

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1024×768 screen resolution
For Windows: Windows 7 or later
In addition, the game requires 2GB of free space in the system’s root directory.
Note: The game does not require an Internet connection.
v1.3.0 – You can now create and edit up to 300أهلا-بالعالم/

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