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Why was my question closed as “off-topic”?

I was trying to post a question on Unity and was immediately closed because it was “off-topic”. After re-reading it, I went back to the revision window and saw that my question was tagged/modified to include a xcode tag.
My question was about Unity, not about xcode. The tag was an honest mistake, though it seems that people did not like it.
Why was my question closed as “off-topic”?


You missed the -general because your question is about Unity and not Xcode.

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[**06.53**]{} HH 699 shows a polygonal morphology in the $I$-band which agrees with the radio continuum. The central cluster of knots seen in H$\alpha$ also appears in the radio continuum. It is possible that this is an extremely young region. The nuclear H$\alpha$ emission detected is thought to be produced by the ionization of the surrounding material by the stars in the central cluster and by radiation from the stars themselves.

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