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Featuring Gregory Hosking, Noa Solomon, Sharon D. Clarke, and B. Ruby Rich, Looking for Langstontells the true story of a renowned writer’s life, presenting a confluence of images, sound, and written words that form a poetic tribute to the Harlem Renaissance’s peak years in the 1920s and 1930s. As told by Langston Hughes (1902-1967), it follows him on his relentless and courageous quest to express his vision of what it means to be an African-American artist. Julien has spoken of the challenges that come with “the visuality and dynamics of 1960s and ’70s film”.

Helga Sandburg (Helga/Brnnhilde)
Chorus (Barney Crile, performed by Chris Harriott)
Barney Crile (Siegfried)
Leonard Lee (Hagen)
John Lodge (Donner/Sir Launcelot)
Margaret Lee (Waltraute)
Ursula Levick (Gutrune)
Siegfried John (Alberich)
Hal Jones (Gunther)
Ursula Kar (Erste Norn)
Anja Silja (Zweite Norn)
Helge Schneider (Woglinde)
Patrick Gullick (Waltraute)
Tom Stewart (Gunther)
Wolfgang Windgassen (Siegfried)
Mario Regoli (Hagen)
Rainer Waldschmidt (Siegfried)
Wolfram Hoerhle (Alberich)
Josef Greindl (Hagen)
Ludmilla Dvorkov (Gutrune)
Thomas Stewart (Gunther)
Gertrude Woolley (Waltraute)
Ludmilla Dvorkov (Gutrune)
Peter White (Hagen)
John Lodge (Donner/Sir Launcelot)

The film starts in New Zealand. Bond meets Helga Sandburg and is instantly attracted to her beauty, knowing she will ultimately be an obstacle in the investigations that he is conducting. Bond’s partner, Felix Leiter, helps Bond to make use of his special capabilities. Leiter has a difficult time when he must take off his glasses after the stuntman takes a shot at him.

blum never used the title avon after dark. it was never published as such, and the film was never theatrically released in the united states. it is currently owned by warner bros, who purchased the rights in 1999.
another classic film, in which the main character is a former world war ii fighter pilot whose life is changed by a near-death experience. both the book and film are about the impact of war on ordinary people and how people react to it. “the book is not very well written, and i have no illusions about the film’s quality,” he told alfred hitchcock: “i was always aware that it was much too soft for me, but i thought it would be all right for the others. it is much easier for the audience to accept a hero and heroine who are involved in a desperate fight.”
the film was filmed with this idea of writing a story with no real plot and simply a strong visual contrast, with one scene to follow the next rather than a linear story. it seems to me that murnau’s initial idea was to have a story told entirely in action without dialogue, and the story line is simply a series of events rather than a plot. the plot is about the way the story is told, and not about the story itself. it is a good idea, and i think the film is really successful at it.
i love the fact that this book was a huge success and the movie is amazing. why is it that the films of the 70’s are so much better than the films of the 80’s and 90’s? i mean, who can go see a movie like blade runner or the thing or even dune nowadays? i guess that it’s because the directors of the 90’s wanted to make movies that were “cleaner” and “smarter” and didn’t have as much action and violence. the 70’s directors were more willing to do something different and risky. i remember that when dune came out, i heard that the studio made a “fake” version that was cleaner than the “real” version. is this true?



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