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If you run
sed’s/[ ]//g’

You should see a new line between each [ and ].
If the lines are all on one line, this might be your problem.


IntelliJ IDEA – nested debug is always busy or out

I have the following problem: whenever I launch a debug session in IntelliJ with the debug target set, it keeps saying that it is “busy”.

The problem is that it seems that it is always busy, even if none of the threads are actually executing debug code.
Any ideas?


I have found a solution:
I opened an issue in their issue tracker and someone was able to send me a workaround for this problem: the problem is that due to some reasons, IntelliJ does not send the correct port when launching the debugger.
If you go to File > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Debugger, you can change the port. The default one is, but I changed it to:

Now every time I launch a debug session, it behaves correctly and IntelliJ tells me if the process is really active.

Biological nutrients in the subarctic marine ecosystem.
This review summarizes information on the sources of dissolved and particulate nitrogen and phosphorous, and the availability of nitrogen in surface waters of the North Atlantic and Western Arctic. Atmospheric inputs into the sea-water are estimated using products derived from the Western Arctic Oscillation (WAA) and the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) fields. Nitrogen fluxes are approximately zero during the WAA negative phase, and are positively correlated with the intensity of the NAO. It is estimated that during the WAA positive phase over 3 million tonnes of nitrogen are delivered to the North Atlantic. The distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus is discussed, and the hypothesis that primary production is significantly influenced by the residence time of particulates is examined.Q:

Error loading image from client

I have an image in MVC that I would like to get from the client, and then set to it’s src attribute. I have the following code to get the image from the client:

I’ve tried installing the Liberty Basic Crack. I’ve also searched all the other SO solutions but the crack still does not work. Thanks in advance.


You should use the crack downloaded from the link you posted instead.
The link is invalid.

Hey try this crack here

That works.

The effect of fetal sex on the occurrence of stillbirth: a population-based study.
More women than men have stillbirths, but the reasons for this are not well understood. There is strong evidence that placental function is affected by fetal sex. We therefore investigated whether the associations between maternal and fetal characteristics and the occurrence of stillbirth differ between sexes. The study was based on data from a population-based case-control study of stillbirth in 5291 pregnancies and other matched controls in which fetal autopsy had been performed. Exposure to maternal infections such as influenza was assessed using blood samples taken at pregnancy termination. The occurrence of stillbirth was associated with being first-time mothers. After adjustment for other pregnancy characteristics, first-time mothers had a 2.3-fold (95% CI, 1.5-3.5) higher risk of stillbirth than other parous women. This finding was most strongly associated with male fetuses, showing a trend of stillbirth at 26 weeks of gestation (OR, 3.6; 95% CI, 0.8-16.5) and at 28 weeks of gestation or more (OR, 3.0; 95% CI, 1.2-7.6). Women with hypertension, smoking or a low body mass index had a higher risk of stillbirth than women without these risk factors, but the associations did not differ between sexes. The risk of stillbirth was 3.0-3.4-fold higher in women infected with influenza at pregnancy termination. Adjusted ORs and 95% CI were 2.0 (0.9-4.5) for women infected with influenza A and 3.3 (1.3-8.7) for women infected with influenza B. The association between first-time motherhood and the occurrence of stillbirth was most strongly observed among male fetuses, supporting the notion that fetal sex is linked to placental function. In addition, there was some evidence that maternal infection with influenza during pregnancy leads to an increased risk of stillbirth.-tap water.

“It’s already happening in terms of food production,” said Kraus.


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1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to the field of optical injection locking. More particularly, the present invention relates to optical injection locking of diode lasers by optical feedback.
2. Description of Related Art
Diode lasers are widely used for many applications in laser communications, laser spectroscopy, and laser research. The performances of a diode laser can be improved by properly operating the diode laser in a cavity with an external reflector. This cavity consists of two mirrors, which have a certain temperature dependence of their reflectance. For example, many prior art diode lasers rely on differential absorption to change the cavity resonant wavelength of a diode laser by using a tuning mechanism. This is in sharp contrast to the present invention, which is based on optical feedback from an external reflector, and which relies on a different effect for wavelength tuning.
A diode laser cavity is formed by joining two materials having different indices of refraction. For example, the diode may have an n-type gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrate into which a p-type GaAs layer is epitaxially grown. The n-GaAs substrate forms a relatively low-index material (n=2.3, where n is the index of refraction), whereas the p-GaAs layer forms a relatively high-index material (n=3.6, where n is the index of refraction). The length of the cavity formed by the two materials is optically coupled to an external reflector which, in turn, is located on the side of the diode laser opposite the substrate.
At the temperature of operation, the optical cavity length of a diode laser is dependent on the index of refraction of the diode laser materials. Thus, if the diode laser is raised to the temperature at which the diode laser is to operate, then the index of refraction of the diode laser materials increases, thereby increasing the optical length of the laser cavity. The optical length of the cavity in turn increases the amount of light reflected back into the

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