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Monster Hip-Hop’s

Homes on sale since February 16, 2018

Welcome to Monster Global’s Homes page! Our homes list available Single Family homes and condos in Monster Global’s master planned community. These homes are built according to strict guidelines for maximum safety. Our homes have been designed to be energy efficient and to maximize the spectacular ocean and mountain views. Our homes are designed to maximize natural light and to offer peace and tranquility in a setting that enjoys a very desirable location. Our homes are offered at a price that is within your reach.

All homes listed on this page are in the final stages of construction. We begin to list our homes for sale as soon as they are completed and are currently accepting REALTOR® referrals for our homes. If you are a qualified agent looking to become part of our team, we would be happy to welcome you. For those wishing to list their home, we can provide a video tour as well as a copy of the community’s marketing information to help you in making an educated decision about our homes.

Please call us or email us at for additional information or for scheduling an exclusive tour.Q:

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