Free Download Ashab E Kahf Islamic __FULL__ Full Movie In Urdu 🟣

Free Download Ashab E Kahf Islamic __FULL__ Full Movie In Urdu 🟣

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Free Download Ashab E Kahf Islamic Full Movie In Urdu

From the website I know, the movie is about the relationship between followers of Islam and Christian pilgrims who travelled to Makkah for Hajj pilgrimage. The screenplay tries to convince the western audiences that there is no hostility or prejudice toward the Christians in the Islamic world. It is told from the perspective of Muslim pilgrims who got entangled with the Christians, and it tries to convince the viewers that Muslims are not the enemy of the Christian. The movie has been directed by Halit Ergenç.

Kirtil, Mısır İç Ritülde Hazırlıyor, Hazırlıyor. the Roman armies. The story is of a Muslim, Ashab e Kahf, in a trade caravan returning from Syria. The caravan includes a cook who had previously served John the Baptist and who is now serving Ashab e Kahf, a Muslim pilgrim.

I watched the full movie and liked it, but I want to know why you had to create a website for it,when you could have just left it on one of the many thousands of youtube websites. I know you are an Iranian, but if you love your country, don’t be so greedy and try to make money off of it. In fact, why don’t you make a feature film and call it anything you want, so you can make money off it.

All websites are stil trying to make a buck, so why would you step outside of the circle, in order to make money.

Anyway, good job, I liked it though, you were right to put it on your own website, so people could download it, if they so wish.

I am gonna download this movie and put it on my website, so that everyone can see it and download it for free.

the only other suggestion i have is that there needs to be a better indicator of whether the movie is subbed or dubbed. the iran flag iconson the homepage.. most people won’t notice to hover over it to read english dub or english sub. keep the iran flag, it is great to know where the movie is originally from. but, for subtitles put the cc symbol (closed captioning) or underneath the iran flag. for dubs put a symbol like these or underneath the iran flag. when you hover over them theyshould either say english subtitle or english dubbing,like you already have done. another question i have is if both subsand dubs are available, perhaps give the user both options (e.g. put both the subbed and dubbed videos under the source menu which you already have). source for these icons: not free ( captioning&maximum=16 ) ( ) if you are worried about copyright, (which i wouldn’t be, it’s only an icon, who really cares) [creative commons]: captioning&price=free&maximum=16 [honestly i think this symbol is better than this symbol] captioning&position=0
i like this one : [i heard this is a movie that someone made a few years ago using stills from the game l.a. noire, if that’s the case, then i would have no problem with it, although i wouldn’t download it, since it’s copyrighted, and they probably would not allow it.
the movie is well-made and i really enjoyed it. it’s great when you see a movie which shows the realities of your life. the movie shows the real emotions of the poor people. the story of the movie is quite short but it is very emotional. but do not download the movie and watch it by yourself. it is better when you see a movie which shows the realities of your life.

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