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Epson Adjustment Program Pm 245

I ordered a replacement ink cartridge, I went to the Epson Store in the Webster Mall and they were able to locate my printer, but the ink cartridge I had was the wrong color, and I was unable to swap it out. They brought me a replacement cartridge on their Epson C300 inkjet with an expiration date of March 2016. I had to take the cartridge with me to the Service Center for modification. Epson uses Hynalinks to modify cartridges. They have a lot of the color cartridges, and I went to the store and picked up a Green (K0465), Black (K0466), and Cyan (K0465) to replace the Red (K0492) cartridge that I had. They didn’t ask for any ID or provide any forms, they just put it on the counter.

He had a plan to swap the cartridge out, but the refill of the cartridge was so short I got the number for Epson Service and they said they’d have to unpack the printer and look at it to see why it isn’t working. I sent a picture of the error display.

I went to the Epson Store, and they started telling me I’ll have to bring the printer in to have the ink refilled. I told them I already know where I can have it refilled, and I told them about the Service Center. The service guy was coming back in about 10 minutes to see if he could work on it. I said he doesn’t know how to work a printer.

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