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The key factor of the Alpha of this game is PvP (Player versus Player).

Therefore, please do not report bugs or request for improvement such as fixing the graphical issue.

Thank you.

Contents of this Alpha

• This release includes PvP

• Some of the story and mini-boss NPCs from the game have been implemented

• A limited range of customization for characters

• The system for equipping armor with slot stat enhancements are completely implemented

What will happen in the Beta

• PvP – Please go back to Official Site when the beta starts

• Character, NPC, and background content such as quest lines will be more finalized.

• The UI will be finalized

• The map system will be finalized, and experience points will be implemented

• The monsters that appear in the Overworld will be implemented

• The level of the Overworld will be increased to 30

• Enemies will be implemented

• Content related to the character will be added


The information and contents mentioned in this release is based on the Beta Release Version of this game.

Game Related Contents

This game is a Fantasy Action RPG. It is the graphical successor to the indie game Tarnished that was released in the summer of 2014.

Basic Game Features

• Character Customization

The basic concept of the character customization allows you to choose various items that you want to equip on your character.

By upgrading and equipping items and crafting items, you can change your character’s physical appearance and modify their skills.

Each item also has a slot for equipping certain stat upgrades.

(If you decide to not equip any stat upgrades or are unable to switch the equipping item to a different type of equipment, the statistic displayed on the item will be the base type of that stat.)

• Skill Customization

By continuously learning Skills, you can raise certain elements of your character’s stats.

By unleashing the Tarnish that is accumulated in your character’s body, you can increase their skills.

Through continuously leveling up skills, you can enhance the impact of your skills and increase the possible damage output of your attacks.

Furthermore, you


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Experience the power of the Elden Ring
  • A vast world full of various situations.
  • Create your own character as you venture into the Lands Between.
  • An epic drama takes place with multiple elements.
  • Play with a headset and local voice chat
  • Explore and connect with others.
  • ©2016 How’s that, Brother?. All rights reserved. These terms and conditions apply. All intellectual property rights of all previous titles in the How’s that, Brother? franchise belong to the respective companies.


    In the previous two titles released in the How’s that, Brother? series, Sesta di Hitto, the third of four fantasy action role-playing games released in this hybrid series of games, and El Fenrir, the first of three media-filled games released in the How’s that, Brother? series, were relatively successful. For these reasons, THQ Nordic decided to develop a title in the How’s that, Brother? series that would combine the appeal of a new fantasy action RPG with media-filled titles, while highlighting the distinctive gameplay of the How’s that, Brother? series that should appeal to the series’ large target audience. The development team of development company Frictional Games successfully created a game that combined a virtual RPG with very enjoyable media content and completed a series of novels that can be enjoyed from beginning to end. Finally, the How’s that, Brother? series currently offers four fantasy action role-playing games released in one year. Let’s enjoy the novels and anime together to the fullest. Let us also have a happy, healthy year.



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    [Copyright (C) 2011 Nippon Professional Baseball Organization]


    • 0. No limit


    • 1. Spread out position


    • 1. Party


    • 1. Maps: Town, Hill, Mountain, Cave, Dungeon


    P1: Balmung, Ehrme, Cloud, Entune, Playable 1, G.13 of the Playable 1 character list, available in Single Mode, can use a different weapon without changing the Character/HP.

    **Fantasy/Regional PreferencEs/etc.**

    Imported from the original fantasy RPG series by NIPPON PRO BASEBALL.

    **Release date**



    [Extra Match Development & Records]

    **Staff director**

    [Chiaki Nakajima]

    **Character design**

    [Shuichi Ikeda]

    **Character design**


    **Project leader**

    [Shuichi Togashi]


    [Hiromasa Shintani]

    [Yasuo Mogi]

    [Katsuyuki Fujita]

    [Yoshinori Togashi]

    [Hitoshi Yamazaki]

    [Tsuyuki Sunaga]

    [Akiyo Takahashi]

    [Akifumi Hagiwara]

    [Takumi Wada]

    [Tomohiro Tada]

    [Shinsuke Konishi]

    [Akira Shigeya]

    [Yoichi Hirao]

    [Yusuke Kitagawa]

    [Takayuki Takemura]

    [Hiroko Negoro]

    [Eri Yoshida]

    [Yuji Tanaka]

    [Fumihiko Shimoji]

    [Takuji Egusa]

    [Koji Saito]

    [Yusuke Taniguchi]

    [Akihiro Tanaka]

    [Yuriko Ishii]


    What’s new:

    >A strong internet connection is required to enjoy online play.

    What’s New in This Version:

    • Added a new feature, “Echoes of History”. Players’ actions in the game can be seen as a story that connects past and present.
    • Added upgrades to Arcane Armor and a new special attack, “Re: Visions”.
    • Added an achievement/trophy for “working together with others”.
    • Added 5 new dungeons, 19 “Greater Dungeons”, and 27 more newly added The Cataclysm dungeons.
    • Added a Santeria for players who wish to undergo religious training.
    • Added a new arena, “Introduction to Arenas”, to make battles with large bodies of adventurers more enjoyable.
    • Adjusted various items to reduce visual clutter.

    Echoes of History. “Echoes of History” is a feature that lets the player’s experience in the game be seen as a story that connect past and present.
    When the player makes a certain action, the game will show which memories that character has had and how they interact with each other.
    For instance, when the player enters the area of the Nine Dragon Temple, past memories related to the legendary nine dragons will be revealed.
    When the player leads a unit to fight against monsters, past memories related to that unit will also be revealed.
    *The memories are based on the “The Legend of Tarnished” quest that the player has undertaken.

    Asan the Great’s Avatar. The Tarnished has called forth Asan the Great, a legendary adventurer and combatant under the Berserker category.
    Beneath the robes of his order and status, Asan enjoys an air of mystery and elegance, embodying his character’s creed of “Lead, Rule, and Display”.
    We created Asan the Great as a new category of adventurer who will have an interesting role in the game, as well as a feature that lets the player customize his appearance.

    In-depth Customization and Item Management. It is now easier to create the character of your dreams.
    You can


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    Click “Accept” when you are done changing the settings.

    All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

    Modified from original Elden Ring game, Elves:
    Elden Ring Expansion 1 (Download) and Elden Ring Expansion 2 (Download)
    Elden Ring Classic (Download)Q:

    Custom module link data lost when view rendered in local environment

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    The very simple answer is: don’t use Views to build page output in Drupal 7. Use other technologies. For example, you can use the Devel Page callback module to generate some


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    • All characters names, images, locations, and other items within the game are fictitious and not intended to infringe upon any rights.
    • The Soundtrack containing the music is also not intended for any infringement of rights.
    • The person who provided this game does not bear any responsibility for any damage to your computer from illegal use of the cracked version
    • Pay attention to the file you download, and do not accept any different file in place of the one you download.
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