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Ten thousand IQ tests is in use. nearly a 5 percent rate of error, the two tests differ by only one. By Andrew M. Ample playback set up and visualization tools are available.. voice recognition systems and biometric technologies that enable identification and tracking.Gov. Nikki Haley signed a key education bill into law Tuesday that raises pay for teachers and other school support workers while scrapping the state’s current merit pay system.

The measure that seeks to boost the pay of educators as well as the addition of more family and social workers in school districts will cost state taxpayers $9 billion over the next decade.

“By making the most significant changes to our public school system in decades, I believe this legislation will strengthen the bonds between our public schools and the parents and community they serve,” Haley said in a statement.

The bill also allows for the creation of a provisional school choice voucher program for private and religious schools.

The Republican governor was publicly undecided on how she would vote on the merit pay measure for educators, the bill that could be her first major legislative victory, until she spoke with the sponsor and other lawmakers and consulted with members of her Cabinet.

House Majority Leader Philip Gunn, R-Shelby, argued at a news conference Tuesday afternoon that the meritorious pay plan for educators that the Senate recently passed, 12-11, will make teaching a “profession” like medicine or law.

Under Senate Bill 3583, every year educators could be given up to 6 percent merit pay increases based on their performance. But the governor has until Sept. 1, 2018, to sign the legislation into law or it will take effect.

Critics say the bill raises class size because it incentivizes schools to spend more on wages and less on materials, and has drawn complaints from parents and the public that it could violate the state constitution.

The new legislation is modeled after pay raises for medical and law professionals, which are typically excluded from merit pay.

As for the criticisms about its constitutionality, Gunn said he received complaints and worries from parents who believe the bill would violate the Kentucky Constitution.

“To my knowledge, there has not been one legal challenge, or one case in Kentucky,

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KCFinder Image Upload

I have a field for upload images that looks like this:
name: “nome”,
maxSize: “1400”,
type: “image”,
accept: “image/jpeg,image/png,image/gif”,
previewAsData: {thumbnailSizes: [“100”, “150”, “200”, “300”]},
label: “”,
onShowPreview: function(files) {
onUpload: function() {

Everything is fine, I can upload and show the preview of the file, so the previewAsData works. The problem is when I try to save the file.
I get this error:

Error converting file type: photo/jpeg

I suspect the problem is in the onUpload field. But I really do not know why.


I just found that the problem was not in the onUpload field, but in the previewAsData attribute.
I had to set the previewSizes to “100,150,200,300”

Mala Lechner

Mala Lechner (born 27 November 1990) is an Austrian professional racing cyclist. She rode at the 2014 UCI Road World Championships. She won the Austrian National Time Trial Championships in 2017.

Major results

1st Overall BeNe Ladies Tour
1st Stage 1 (ITT)
1st Young rider classification Ladies Tour of Qatar
2nd Time trial, National Road Championships
4th Road race, National Road Championships
3rd Overall G.P. Verona
8th Time trial, UCI Road World Championships
6th Time trial, National Road Championships


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