British English Grammar By Ashok Kumar Singh Pdf 251 [VERIFIED]

British English Grammar By Ashok Kumar Singh Pdf 251 [VERIFIED]


British English Grammar By Ashok Kumar Singh Pdf 251

I began by giving some account of the progress made in the natural classification of Indo-European languages in the historical period; giving special attention to the important sceptical developments of the last century, and pointing out the principal points at which its conclusions must be set aside as inadequate.

the language of salvation, the church, and the western clerical authors were all irrelevant to the local culture. And when the western turn to the natural language for comparison began as early as the 18th century, the natural language became the nearest most immediate reflection of the religious one. Hence the sequence of ideas and developments can be referred to the material immediacy of their discovery. Bauriian lexicography was a control of the immediate use of Life by referring speech directly to occupation or situation.

Pre-Indian philology, as it was then called, was entirely monolingual, meaning that its author had no knowledge of the family of languages neither did he know the reference point of other languages. It constituted a kind of verbal booty – and, so to speak, had its disposal, and those of its representatives who got from it a knowledge of one language no longer had their command over another.

The historical and comparative philology had to rely on other disciplines, which could help it by defining the universals of language. But it could not reconstitute the original language. It was in Aristotle that philology found the first of its great attempts, for Aristotle was the first to recognize that the world of the living was built on analogy with the world of inanimate things; and this opened the way to cognate philology. However, if it returned to the philologists at the end of the twelfth century, Aristotle had ceased to have any influence but it was then that the sixteenth century began to find the true line of development.


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