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It’s a free-to-use torrent site offering the best selection of video games. The site’s forum is also a good place to learn more about the site as well as gaming communities and tutorials. Founded in 2007, KAT is one of the oldest gaming torrent sites around. Humble Bundle is the best website for all torrents, games, movies, TV, radio and music.

The site had an enormous number of games, movies and books and was now fully indexed after a huge cleaning project. It was an excellent source of games and has been for a long time. With the latest version update, this site now lets you get full games from the site.

Having a huge game library is an excellent advantage over other sites, but KG also has a fantastic forum and user base. For those who can’t afford a membership, you’ll still be able to enjoy the site and download full games and movies.

A UK based site that has a huge collection of games and offer them all for free. The site boasts quite a large library and has its own games section for users to watch and download full games. It has quite a large community and the site is usually pretty responsive when users comment on the site.

The forum is also active and useful for users to ask questions or find solutions for common issues.

The Pirate Bay is a community dedicated to providing the largest variety of high-quality content available online. It also has a large community of supporters which enables many other groups to create and share content. The site is the primary target of the MPAA and has gone to great lengths to ensure that it doesn’t fall into the hands of MPAA.


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