Sims 4 Priest Mod UPD

Sims 4 Priest Mod UPD


Sims 4 Priest Mod

as the jacoban priest is now the head of the cathedral, this mod will now create more jacoban priests as a result, which means that you are able to create more than one of the jacoban priest class, which as you can see is great. if you dont want that, you dont have to use this mod at all, and you will still create more than one jacoban priest, and as such, you arent ever in real danger of running out of simoleans.

this mod replaces the requirements for jacoban priesthood, which are given by the cathedral. they now simply ask for a church, not a cathedral. it sounds silly, but it means that jacoban priests arent limited by which cathedral you build. the cathedral requirement means that, once youve built it, you are limited by its current population and building possibilities. the jacoban requirement means that you are limited only by what you can do with your current sims, provided that they are all from that same religion. ive not done any jacoban priests outside the cathedral, and ive not touched the pop requirement, and i can make as many of them as i want. this mod is great if your jacoban priests are always congregating in the cathedral because you cant make one of them anywhere else.

by removing the cathedral restrictions, this mod also means that you can actually repeat jacoban rituals. you just need to have a sim outside the cathedral perform a ritual, which is a case of a sim performing a skill for a sim. a sim has to spend 100 simoleans to perform a ritual, no matter who performs it. however, you are only able to do this once per sim. but, you can use this feature to activate jacoban priests from any number of cathedrals, it doesnt matter which cathedral they are in. if youre jacoban priest in two cathedrals and one of them isnt as active as the other, you can say that youre working in both of them, and you can activate your jacoban priests from one and perform a ritual in the other. there is no change to how sims get to cathedral, and they go right away once youve made a call.

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