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* **Creating a new document**. Choose File → New to open the New dialog box and navigate to the Images folder. Select a Windows file format, such as a GIF, JPG, or PNG. Click Create, then Next to open the next New dialog box. The New dialog box shown in Figure 2-11 also appears. Click the other options as needed. If you want to create an image for use on a web page, select Web from the Format drop-down menu and click the Other button (see the bottom of Figure 2-11). From here on out, you can select from the following preset file formats: GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

You can also select a type of format, such as a vector or bitmap, as described on Importing Images.”). For now, just leave the Preset format set at Original. Click the OK button.

The next options are self-explanatory. Next up is the Size. You may also need to select a Filter. For web images, the small thumbnail at the right side of the Adjustments panel changes size and color as you increase or decrease the size of the image.

For more about the Size options, see Making Tiled Layers.”

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How to use Photoshop Elements

1. Opening an image for editing

Open the image that you want to edit.

To open an image, press the + sign on the keyboard or choose File → Open.

For images saved in different file formats, choose the best format for your image file.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O to open an image, or the File → Open dialog box to specify an exact file name or folder path.

2. Choosing editing tools

After you open an image, the Photoshop Elements edit window will appear with the image on the left and the tools and options on the right. All editing tools are on the top toolbar.

Use the menu bar on the top to choose the editing tool you want to use.

3. Toolbars

The toolbar contains all the tools you need to edit a single image. They include:

The Brush tool includes the Undo button, the Brush tool, the Eraser tool and the Lasso tool. Use the brushes and the Lasso tool to paint and erase, respectively.

The Selection tool lets you select parts of the image. Hold the Ctrl key to select a region of the image by clicking it. Press Ctrl+D to delete the highlighted region.

The Move tool lets you move an image. You can drag an image to new location or combine it with another image or object.

The Zoom tool lets you zoom in and out the image.

The Tools panel provides access to other frequently used tools.

4. Tools and options

While you are editing the image, you will notice that there are options on the right side of the image window. Use the Options bar to select and change the tools and options for the image.

The Edit → Preferences dialog box lets you change the tools and options.

5. The Edit menu

The edit menu provides some handy functions that help you to edit a single image.

The Edit → Edit Paths lets you add a new path to the image. This is useful if you want to crop the image, draw a new shape, invert the image, or use a new color as a background.

The Edit → Filter → Blur lets you blur the image or use an adjustment layer to create a blur effect.

The Edit → Filter → Sharpen lets you sharpen the image.

The Edit → Filter → Emboss lets

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How does the MCU code jogging/skipping, or ping-ponging work on ARM processors?

I’m currently doing a lab in our class where we have to create an MCU code (32 bit) and read in different bytes that are in different registers. I realize this is a specific question that is applicable to ARM, I was wondering if someone could break it down for me in simpler terms how exactly this works?
I’m primarily thinking about the text segment and data segment.
1) I was wondering about the code jogging, can you specifically explain what happens when you jump one line (how does the code jump, does it push/pull onto the stack?)
I realize this is relevant to the jump-table-as-code thing that happened with the m68k, but I’m unsure how that is different from your explanation.
2) I know each register has it’s own address. I guess I’m confused about how it works in text and data segments. I don’t understand how there is a code base (like 0xE000) that is where the text begins. In the data segment does the code have it’s own address, a table of addresses, or does it begin at 0xE0000?


Jumping lines is implemented by just moving the current instruction pointer to the new address.
About data: each program area is mapped on a memory address; the program starts on the first instruction of the first program area, the data starts on the first byte of the first program area.
The instructions of the data area, or code segment, are not stored in memory, but in the CPU’s on-chip instruction cache (the instruction memory is off-chip, it’s just connected to the CPU).
Also, I assume you meant the 68000, and not the m68k – the m68k just has a weird instruction set (e.g. the jsr instruction is illegal in the c segment).

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The nation’s first interactive map that lets users find California communities where there are no restrooms for the transgender community has been removed from the website of the California National Association of Massage Therapy, who say the database is a public relations nightmare.

The technology was the brainchild of Brian L. Cunningham of San Francisco, who also created

What’s New In Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1)?

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Mural Signs Point to Smaller Employment Growth, Higher Unemployment

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Posted on 12 Oct 2011

The employment market remains largely unenthusiastic, with anecdotal evidence for a possible slowdown in hiring activity and further forecasts of declining job growth.

The headline employment figure in the BLS nonfarm payrolls report for September, which was 128,000 as compared to 130,000 in August, may have obscured a shift in the mix of employment, with growth declining in most major occupational categories, but remaining healthy. According to a new report from Aon Hewitt, a global benefits and human resources consulting company, the decline in job growth during the first eight months of the year could signal a slower job market in the months to come and a headwind for the Labor Department’s third estimate of gross domestic product growth for the third quarter. The report uses a combination of macroeconomic modeling, analysis of U.S. Census data and industry input to identify positive and negative effects on the economy.

Aon Hewitt’s data show that job creation declined across most of the private sector and in most high-growth occupations for July through September. Meanwhile, there has been a rise in the share of highly-educated workers, both male and female, who lack a job. The report also notes that unemployment remained high, and wages were flat or slightly decreased in most industries except for a small increase among construction workers.

“Businesses appear to have limited their hiring activity during the third quarter, which points to a slowing economic recovery after a sharp and unexpected spike in the second quarter,” said Matthew Gott, managing principal at Aon Hewitt. “While consumer spending, construction and capital spending will support economic growth in the months ahead, labor market conditions are unlikely to perk up dramatically at this time. We expect GDP to come in relatively unchanged, albeit softer than last year’s growth of 2.6 percent.”

Specifically, job growth during the third quarter was flat in professional and business services, almost entirely negative in construction, and mixed in the most interesting area of the manufacturing sector, which has been on a steady upward swing since 2012.

The BLS’ most recent employment report for August, released in September, showed a downward revision of nonfarm payrolls for the month. While not a definitive sign of slowing growth, it is an indication that economists are expecting the good job growth of 2012 to be the exception and not the norm

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If you’re one of the many people who has “paused” life and is currently using this game on your PC, the good news is that you will not have to buy the game again. And that’s what you get for downloading it: you’re now a paying player, and the future updates will be exclusive to the paid version of the game, for people who want to join in and help get more content out.
As a reward, you will also be upgraded to the Silver tier, granting you the Gold and Platinum tiers at the same time.

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