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The most important function of this software is the file remapping in Windows. After a complete system scan, it creates a file remapping database. It can save the file remapping information of all the files in the Windows, the system, the C: root directory. It can be removed from the disk, so you can get back the original disk space.
The software also has a real-time monitoring function, so you can always know the new files which have been added to the system during the time. So you will know the newly added files’ real root directory name.
This software also has a “copy first” function, which can help you quickly find the real root directory of newly added files. It also provides the search, sort, preview, delete, and archive functions.
You can watch a high-quality video introduction to the program below.
Feature Show:
1. Auto-start when Windows starts
2. Real-time monitoring
3. Saving function
4. Copy the first function
5. Map the files in Windows, system, and the C: root directory
6. Network monitoring
7. Compression function
8. Delete files
9. Archive function
10. Remap files in Windows, system, and the C: root directory
11. No MCT function
12. Undo function
13. Real-time BKF program
14. Lock function
15. Show new files
16. Show deleted files
17. Show changed files
18. Sort files by extension, date, file name, mtime
19. Preview files
20. Archive function
21. Remap files in Windows, system, and the C: root directory
22. Search files in Windows, system, and the C: root directory
23. Archive files
24. Directory scan
25. Export files in *.txt format
26. Export files in *.csv format
27. Export files in *.raw format
28. Export files in *.wrf format
29. Export files in *.xls format
30. Export files in *.xlsx format
31. Export files in *.xlsm format
32. Export files in *.docx format
33. Export files in *.pdf format
34. Export files in *.eml format
35. Export files in *.msg format
36. Export files in *.txt format
37. Export files in *.rtf format
38. Export files in *.xml format

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-Record list “before” and “after” in Windows Explorer
-Record list “before” and “after” in the system folder
-Record list “before” and “after” in the root directory of the C: drive
-Record list “before” and “after” of all folder names which are similar (or the same) as folder names found on the hard disk.
-Record list “before” and “after” in all hidden folders
-Record list “before” and “after” of all user folders
-Record list “before” and “after” of each file, and of all the folders the file is in.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all short file names
-Record list “before” and “after” of all long file names
-Small log files of all changes
-All files and the folders they are in can be sorted alphabetically or by size
-Record list “before” and “after” of all files and folder names.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all files in specific folders
-Record list “before” and “after” of all files matching a specific string or regex pattern
-Record list “before” and “after” of all registered DLL’s
-Record list “before” and “after” of all Windows system DLLs
-Record list “before” and “after” of all system DLLs
-Record list “before” and “after” of all folders.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all shortcut names in system folders
-Record list “before” and “after” of all files in specific subfolders, or of all files in the root of a shared folder.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all images and all graphics files.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all XML and HTML files, and their subfolders.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all links.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all cookies.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all keys.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all extensions.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all files which match a specific name pattern.
-Record list “before” and “after” of all files which match a specific type pattern.

FileMap By BB Free [Updated]

FileMap by BB is a small program that tracks the addition, modification, and removal of files on your computer. It lists all files in the Windows Directory, the system Directory, and the C:\ Directory. It also lists all DLL’s and EXE’s from the C:\Windows directory. And it will produce a log file which lists all files before and after a given time.
FileMap by BB Usage:
Use FileMap by BB to check the files before and after a given time. If you are looking for a file which is absent, add it to FileMap by BB or if you are looking for a file that has been removed from your computer, then add it to FileMap by BB. As an example, it might be handy to see what’s been added in your system Directory. Simply take a look at FileMap by BB before and after it’s running.
FileMap by BB Features:
1. It has a customizable timeout – the program will automatically kill itself after 5 minutes of inactivity.
2. It has a custom log file which will list all files before and after a given time.
3. It has a flexible time/date comparison option so that you can easily see what has been added or removed.
4. It lets you select which files in the Windows Directory and the system Directory you want to include in the comparison.
5. It can keep track of DLL’s and EXE’s from the C:\Windows directory.
6. It can produce both simple and detailed reports.
7. It is absolutely free!
8. It will not slow down your computer.
9. It is portable and can be run from any drive, without requiring changes to your registry settings.
10. It has no annoying ads.

Orbiter by BigBlueButton is a small tool that can help to mount a ISO image from a DVD. Is this something that will make you cool? Of course not! But it is really really cool. This is a small application from the Blue Button project: a collection of OpenSource solutions based on the latest technologies. Each solution is put together by one of the most talented developers worldwide.
Please feel free to check out the solutions by yourself!
Orbiter by BBB Features:
* Does not require external libraries (ICONV etc.) and instead uses native OS functions (lseek, read, write, fstat, fcntl, etc.)
* Does not require a working DVD

What’s New In FileMap By BB?

FileMap by BB is a standalone and free file system audit utility that lets you keep track of all the files and folders in your system.
See what files were added or removed and why.
FileMap by BB also helps you automatically remove files that are no longer needed.
You can also view the size of each file, and list the file attributes, as well as the location in which the file was found on your hard disk.
Capture, Capture, Capture
The “capture” facility lets you keep a record of all the files that are added, removed, moved or renamed. When you are asked to answer a query, you are given a list of recently added or removed files and folders. You can save and open a session, saving the current state of the system.
FileMap by BB lets you create snapshots of your system that are made useful if you ever find yourself the victim of one of those infamous security breaches. If you suddenly realize your system’s hard drive has been infected with a hijacked program, or worse, your browser hijacked by a phantasmal browser, you can check the files and save them by saving the capture snapshot.
FileMap by BB Settings:
You can control whether to show the currently used files in “capture mode” or not in FileMap by BB Settings. Do you want to choose the files by yourself or automatically have the FileMap utility choose all files?
FileMap by BB can be stored locally on your hard disk or remotely on any FTP server. FileMap by BB can also save snapshots to a local directory, to a network directory, or to a FTP server.
FileMap by BB Version History
(Click on the image below for a larger version):
Version History
Version: 1.0.2
A few bugfixes
03/10/2015 (1.0.0)
Today’s version updates and fixes a few bugs and issues found in previous versions.
This is the first release of Version 1.0.2. Previous versions can be downloaded from the “View Files” section of the FileMap by BB page.
Here is a list of bugfixes:
* bugs in the “Ask file” feature were found
* a bug affecting SSH tunnels was fixed
* a bug with -s switch in the -x option was fixed
* a few notifications were changed to be more user friendly

System Requirements For FileMap By BB:

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