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For more information about the Elden Ring, visit the game website at www.dearistor.com/eldenring.



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How to return only first element of array?

I need to return a document using the MongoDB database and because I need only one record I want to get the first element of the array with orderId. If I use this query:
db.collection.find( {“orders” : {$exists:true}},
{“orderId” : 1})

I get the first record. But in this way I get the result of the query and not only one element.
With this query I get only one element:
db.collection.find( {“orders” : {$exists:true}},
{“orderId” : {$first:1}})

How to get only one element with the db.collection.find query?


Use the COUNT operator to only include records where there is at least one element, i.e.:
db.collection.count({ orders: { $exists: 1 }})

Then query for just the first record:
db.collection.find( { orderId: { $eq: 1 } } )

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Your Domain, Your World
    A vast world full of thrilling and different emotions.
  • Unparalleled Drama
    In this fantasy, an epic story is told in fragments, never drawing focus to a particular character.
  • A Multifaceted Battle System
    Elements that appeared from the world of time and space collide in this battle!
  • Astounding Graphics
    The 3D environment will bring you an immersive experience.
  • Over 600 Unique Strings of Music and Suitable Sound Effects
    The music and sound effects are so vivid that you will find yourself lured into the game even when you’re just driving to school.
  • Based on the original Images of Tarnished, Artwork by MidnightStream

    Lead Tarnished to the Prospetive

    Disclaimer: The information and images contained in this Post are only meant to be used as a form of Preview. The exact release date and price of the game may differ depending on the market or region. Also please note, the screenshot is not the final product. All the information and content in this Post are subject to change based on factors not part of the management’s control.

    Title: Tarnished

    Developer: BUNDLE

    Genre: RPG

    PRICE: $9.99

    Platform: iPhone / iPod Touch

    Release date: Release [JUNE] 20, 2019


    Tarnished story

    Upon starting Tarnished, you are a young man named Tarnished, who has lived with his family for a long time in a quiet life. Tarnished looks and feels like a weak and simple young man, but he strongly desires to become a person with strength and courage.



    Elden Ring Crack Activation Free [April-2022]

    I received a free review code and was excited to play it. Unfortunately i had an almost imediate bug and had to cancel the review. The game itself is amazing, it has a amazing atmosphere and the combat system is very unique and as of now pretty fun. The music is also great, especially when you’re defending. The game has a lot of random factors, which makes the game a lot more exciting. The game has a good story.


    The combat system uses a rock-paper-scissors approach which is extremely unique. The combat system itself has a lot of fiddly control and is very hard to execute in PvP. Once you learn the game though, it gets very enjoyable and is probably my favorite part of the game.

    -Game Balance-

    The game has a lot of elements with little affect, which makes the game extremely balanced. The game itself feels like a fusion between Final Fantasy and Skyrim, the combos are diverse and fun and the bosses are pretty hard, especially due to the scaling of damage by a weapon type.

    -Random Factors-

    The random factors are awesome, there are a lot of them and they create moments of tension. There is a downside, however. While it can be fun and rewarding to discover things, sometimes you’ll have to go through a cutscene and you feel that there should have been a more direct route to it. Some of the best ones are when you’re deep in a dungeon, it’s kind of hard to progress and is extremely lucky to find something that will progress you.


    The story is pretty good. The story itself is told through a series of flashbacks, and there are 2 main characters which i would say are the emotionally strongest. The story itself is a pretty standard fantasy story with a twist in the progression of the game, which makes it good.


    The inventory is a huge mix of everything and it’s pretty difficult to keep track of everything. The game also doesn’t have a lot of things you can move or carry over, which is pretty annoying and makes long journeys a little bit harder.

    -Final Word-

    Overall, I think it was a pretty enjoyable experience. The combat system is a lot more complicated than I expected from an action RPG and it’s rewarding to learn


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    ※ ◆ Head and Body Balance ◆
    ※ ◆ “Auto-Parallel Movement” ◆
    ※ ◆ “Auto-Dual-Steering” ◆
    Eluden Ring game is an action RPG that integrates a new game system involving a “Dual-Steering” system that allows parallel movement, in which the character’s movement will not automatically follow the camera viewpoint. As a result, the character can move freely along the direction in which the camera is moving while making on-screen movements by steering the head and the body.
    ■ Dual-Steering System
    ・ The character’s movement is not controlled using the camera.
    ・ The player can freely steer the character’s head and body by pressing the “Right Stick” or “L2” button at the same time.
    ・ You can freely control the direction of movement of the character, and you can also freely control the size of movement.
    ■ Accessibility and Immersion
    ・ The camera is not automatically controlled and the player can freely steer the character’s head and body in parallel to the camera.
    ・ Players can freely control the character’s movement in parallel to the camera.
    ・ Players can freely control the direction and the size of movement of the character.
    ・ The control method is automatically determined with the camera automatically zooming out and panning.
    ・ The character is freely moving without being fixed to the camera, and the size and speed of the camera movement can be freely controlled.
    ・ You can freely control the movement of the character in all directions and in all spaces.
    ・ You can freely control the distance and the direction of movement.

    ■ Choose Your Battles with a Variety of Tactics
    A guild with various characteristics depending on the clans you choose.
    ・ The different clans within the guild combine to form a wide range of strategies through a variety of tactics.
    ・ Match the character’s strength and role against the enemy, and create a variety of combinations of the characters.
    ■ The Magic Power of Guilds
    It is possible to select a guild in an online game to obtain a wide range of guilds and skills with a single game. Through guilds, you can gain and raise magic power and gain access to a variety of magic power-increasing items.
    ■ Share Your Experiences with Friends


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    Kurtis Ruggs, DRM

    12-09-2018, 14:18

    Yep. It’s all in the forums as well. Worth checking out, even though it’s a risky purchase here in Australia too. It’s not actually a patch or anything, it’s just basically a form of DLC which is bound to receive some love sometime in the future if the team behind it still haven’t given up on it.


    12-09-2018, 16:08

    Yep. It’s all in the forums as well. Worth checking out, even though it’s a risky purchase here in Australia too. It’s not actually a patch or anything, it’s just basically a form of DLC which is bound to receive some love sometime in the future if the team behind it still haven’t given up on it.

    Ahh, I see. Nice to know, thanks for the heads up.


    12-09-2018, 16:19

    The game would be awesome if it had proper camera controls.

    You cannot replace skill points with cash like you can with many other games.

    You can’t buy you mana potions with gold.

    It’s a shame this game is stuck in the early stages, and it’s not even finished in fact.

    The is another god damn game that should have been made 5 years ago.

    The fact that they’re not happy with its quality and they keep on making changes to the game…

    It’s like they didn’t listen to any of the negative feedback they had from beta testing.

    It’s makes me mad.

    And it happened a lot with the multiplayer games.


    A World of Warcraft mod that was released a year or two before the game came out and wow, how terrible it is.

    The expansions that followed that game as well.

    The World of Warcraft like games when they take away the crafting, the questing, and the story, and basically just make it all OP.

    And then the game ends up sucking for the majority of people.

    But where are we with the Elden Ring game?

    It was really fun and ended up


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