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DEFSET is a small utility application that enables users to modify the default printer. It is designed for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and is compatible with multiple printer drivers, such as HP Laserjet, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Epson, Dell, Lexmark, Nikon, Sharp, Xerox, etc. While the focus is on PCs, it is also meant for business environments, where those computers use various types of printers from different vendors.

Seems like a nice little program, but frankly, I don’t think i’d go to the extra trouble of setting up a profile for each user, if each person’s system is capable of picking a different default printer every time.

I use DEFSET to change the default printer from a networked printer. Its not as easy or quick as it could be to set though. I leave the default alone, then just select a printer from the networked server and set it as default.

Seems like a nice little program, but frankly, I don’t think i’d go to the extra trouble of setting up a profile for each user, if each person’s system is capable of picking a different default printer every time.

The main reason for setting up a profile is for easy printing access when you do not have access to the printer or are away from it. This is where DEFSET fits in very well.

SEILZER and ROBIN F. make several good points.

If you frequently change printers when using various applications on your computer, it’s impossible to perform the operations quickly since it means accessing the settings panel to pick a printer instead of going with the default choice.
For this scenario, you can turn to DEFSET. It’s a simple-to-use and straightforward program that gives you the possibility to rapidly modify the default printer used by your computer.
Change the default system printer with ease
You don’t have to go through an installation procedure to be able to use this tool. It’s only necessary to unzip the downloaded archive and double-click the.exe in order to reach the main window right away. Thanks to this, DEFSET can be kept on a USB flash drive to be able to run it on any PC directly, without having to install or even copy it onto the hard drive.
When it comes to the interface, DEFSET opts for a small-sized window that only lists a dropdown menu for picking the default printer, along with two

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A tool to modify the default printer on your Windows PC. The graphical interface also allows you to set the default printer in different locations, such as the printers tray, etc.

DEFSET For Windows 10 Crack Specifications:

Compatible with the following operating systems: Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Supported file extensions: avi, bmp, doc, exe, fla, gif, hl, ico, jpg, jpeg, mpg, mp3, mp4, png, gif, nrg, rsx, rm, rp, svg, tif, tiff, wmv, wav, wma.

How to get DEFSET?
The program is offered for free download at Linksunter. The program page is labeled DEFSET. You can download it in a compressed archive format and extract it directly into the desired location. Once the archive is unpacked, DEFSET.exe will be found in the main folder. If the main folder seems to be empty after extracting, you’ll need to go to the Settings folder and open it to be able to find and launch the program.
You can even download the portable version of the program and install it on USB drives to make the tool available anywhere you want.
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Cleanup utility is available

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Help you browse

DEFSET Crack+ Download For PC

DEFSET is a free utility that helps you to change
the default printer for your system to any printer you
want very quickly.

DEFSET can save the default printer for several users on
a single computer. If you are using multiple computers on
your network, this is a great tool for making common
changes with only one or a few clicks!

Features at a glance:

Out-of-the-box functionality: A free utility to change the default printer in seconds.
Dynamic structure: Keeps changing as you make changes.
Save and restore: Quickly saves and restores default printer for each user and each computer!
Always on top: Opens up to any other window as soon as you hit the taskbar icon.
No codes: No needs of installing any other software, and no codes to be remembered.

Have fun changing printers!
Official website:


Default Printer or print spooler
You can change the default printer by several methods:

The current user account will have an entry in the Windows registry. Look at the key
More usefull for me was that I could use the Windows features MMC to change the default printer.

You can change the default printer by browsing to the printer in the device manager.

Another solution is to edit the EERD in the Windows Registry but this one is not for the average user and requires some technical skills.
I think the solution that will come to most users is to use the user account and the MMC method.

To start here is an example of how to change the default printer using the user profile.

Create a new user on the computer.
Use the MMC to open the Group policy editor.
Open User Configuration and click the printer section.
Click User Configuration (logon) and select the profile you created to create the new user account.
Click the right arrow and select Change and click OK.

Here is a screenshot of the result:











What’s New in the?

DEFSET is a small tool that allows you to easily change the default printer used by your computer.
① Supports multiple printers.
② Supports multiple network printers.
③ Comes with a user-friendly and clear interface.
④ Has no installation procedure.
⑤ Does not overwrite the current.ini file.
⑥ Automatically minimizes to the taskbar instead of the System Tray.
System Requirements:
① Version 2.6.5 or later.
② PC with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 or Vista (32-bit).
How to Install:
① Unzip the downloaded archive.
② Double-click the.exe in order to start the program.
③ Select the printer that you want to use as default and then choose the “Save” button.
A message will indicate whether the installation was successful.
How to Use:
① Just click the “Open” button and select the printer that you want to use as default.
② The current default printer is displayed in the dropdown list.
③ Click the “Save” button and the configuration is applied right away.
④ Click the “Cancel” button to close the program.
⑤ On the desktop, click the System Tray area to view information about the taskbar.
⑥ Click the “Close” button to make the program disappear from the screen.
⑦ For more information, please visit the official website:

Como posso saber qual o caminho de um arquivo que existe no Windows?

Cenário de uso
Eu fiz uma interface gráfica na qual o usuário deve escolher um número de algumas palavras (ex.: 4 palavras).
Eu recebo essas palavras (no formato de um dado), e gostaria de saber qual é o arquivo que guarda esses dados que eu recebo, pois quero que quando um usuário

System Requirements For DEFSET:

Supported System:
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
Mac OSX 10.4.x
Unix/Linux (Requires 3rd Party Software Installation)
Internet Browser:
Microsoft Edge – Firefox – Chrome – Opera – Safari
*Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are no longer supported.
Supported Video Card:
Intel HD4000 and better
NVIDIA Geforce 7xx
AMD R7xx
Supported Video Output:
CRT Monitor & TV via HDMI, DisplayPort or D

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