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Software programmers surely have their preferred tools when it comes to developing applications and among the most well-known and appreciated Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), NetBeans IDE is on one of the top spots.
Simple interface, yet demanding app
With a very well-organized GUI, this utility has its functions very easily accessible and carefully grouped so users can actually save time and avoid going through many tabs, and menus just to find one simple feature.
Since it is written in the Java programming language, NetBeans IDE will have a serious impact on system resources when running, yet other than that, there should be no other major drawbacks that users will encounter.
Supported programming languages
Mainly designed to create Java applications for desktop, mobile and web environments, this software is also suited for HTML5 development, as well as for PHP and C/C++ projects. Besides being a cross-platform IDE, NetBeans is also extensible through plugins and offers a wide variety of resources for those interested in programming.
Inside that package, there are dedicated editors not only for Java and JavaScript, but also for Groovy, HTML and XML, to name just a few.
Debug your script, enable code completion and formatting
Finding issued in the code is not difficult task thanks to the built-in NetBeans Debugger which coupled with FindBugs will be of great help.
Collaboration and repository management are supported by NetBeans IDE and the customization possibilities offered by this software are quite extensive. From formatting and code completion, up to issue tracking and versioning systems users can choose the most appropriate settings for the projects they work on and adapt everything to the available hardware resources.
All in all, it is safe to say that especially when it comes to the Java application development, regardless of the target platform, NetBeans IDE is the safest bet. Intuitive and complex in the same time, this software comes with everything one would need to get the job done bug-free and at the highest quality standards of these days.








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*Compatible with JDK 7 and higher versions
*NetBeans 7.2 and higher using IntelliJ IDEA

*Added support for creating AIR3 applications: Drag and Drop elements from the air library into the application. Use the Scripting In AIR Utility to edit the scripts. Create new C++ code with the AIR app classes. Export the AIR app to a native bundle.

*Processing supported both in AIR and Flash Builder 4.5. Please note that only AIR is fully compatible with version 4.5.4 and higher of the Processing API. Processing Runtime is a separate, downloadable plug-in.
*New IDE Components:
-Packaged App: App Bundle for iOS or Android gives native bundle package of the AIR application for distribution to the iOS App Store or Android Market.
-Mobile Native for Android and iOS builds: Flex Project for Android or Flex Project for iOS allows creation of a new project using all components required by an application for any device that runs iOS or Android.
-HTML5 Builder: New built-in UI designer allows creation of rich, component-based application models.
-SoapUI configuration support: Now SoapUI is available from within NetBeans IDE. If SoapUI extension is installed, it will be automatically added to NetBeans IDE.
*New support for C++:
-C/C++ Projects: Adding a C/C++ project type, defining a C/C++ sources location and a C/C++ compiler command line, NetBeans IDE now checks out that project and creates an empty project which can be then modified as desired.
-GCC compiler: The GCC compiler is now pre-installed into NetBeans IDE and it can be used to build C/C++ projects. The C/C++ plug-in for the NetBeans IDE 7.3 is compatible with versions 7.2 and 7.3 of GCC.
-OpenCppCross compiler: Opening a C/C++ project in NetBeans IDE now opens the project in a NetBeans IDE which have OpenCppCross as its C++ compiler.
-C++ Debugger Support for NetBeans IDE 7.3 and gcc 4.8: In NetBeans IDE 7.3 and gcc 4.8, you can debug C/C++ application as you would for Java application

Apache NetBeans IDE Full Version

Simple to use
Multi platform IDE
Integrated plugins and features
Code completion
Code formatting
Implements through plugins and features

Simple to use?
This is an IDE which can be used for things like writing code, documentation and tutorials. It is not suited for developers that already have experience in Java.
Multi platform IDE?
Some IDEs can be used with many different platforms at the same time, such as IDEs that support C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript and HTML.
Integrated plugins and features?
It has plugins and other features which are implemented through Java. You don’t need to install other plugins.
Code completion?
It has code completion to provide auto completion and get suggestions.
Code formatting?
It has the code formatting function.
Implements through plugins and features?
There are some plugins which can be implemented through the IDE itself.


I like Eclipse.
Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment, not a Programming language

Wikipedia Eclipse
Wikipedia Intended Audience
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Eclipse on wikipedia
Eclipse on wikipedia

Webpage Eclipse
Webpage Eclipse

Eclipse Platform Description

Memory usage?
NetBeans IDE Memory usage
Eclipse Memory usage

Netbeans Memory usage
Eclipse Memory usage

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NetBeans IDE Features:

published:21 Mar 2015

Apache NetBeans IDE Official Page:

Get NetBeans IDE now ONLINE:
NetBeans is a 100% open source integrated development environment (IDE) for use with Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Perl and other dynamic languages. It aims to provide the ultimate developer experience: from design, to debug, to deploy and monitor, every developer will love NetBeans.

published:03 Nov 2012

Apache NetBeans IDE Tutorial :

In this video, we will show you how to install and work with NetBeans IDE. work with.
========= Administrative Control ===========
Administrative Control is a set of application controls for managing users. It enables developers and administrators to manage user access with a central point. administrative control comprises of two parts:
Administrative UI: An administrative user will be able to view list of user credentials and manage groups of users. An administrator would be able to control which users would be allowed access to which resources.
Security Support: An administrative control provides developer with a way to manage users in a secure way. A security group is used to group users in a more convenient way instead of writing out individual lines of code or creating usernames. These can be changed to anything needed I.E. Administrative support can use Email addresses, Student numbers, Patents and more. An example of this is shown in the images below.
To add a new group to the application, you need to go to View -> User Groups. New user group may be added using the quick add button as shown below.
You can then add users as shown below.
To delete a user, click on the user and press the red – button below.
To modify a user, either double-click on the user or click on the user to select it then click on edit below the table.
Once completed, the changes will be saved to the table.
The users may be exported and imported into NetBeans using the import/export button from the tools menu.
There are some third-party plugins for NetBeans available for purchase

What’s New In?

NetBeans is a powerful, open-source integrated development environment (IDE) for coding, debugging and running Java applications.

Java and JavaScript (NetBeans IDE)Features

NetBeans is equipped with numerous features and features that aid the user in programming.

It is compatible with all the Java standards, and has features that include the ability to design Java programs, run them, compile, test and debug them.

NetBeans helps users to construct cross-platform applications which can run on Mac OS X, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and freeBSD.

NetBeans IDE stands for an application which can code and compile Java applications. NetBeans is feature-rich, well-integrated, powerful, and easy to learn, download, and to install.

NetBeans can be downloaded free for use.

For more details on NetBeans IDE features, visit our features page.

The Open Source platform

NetBeans is free software and can be downloaded and used freely for any purpose.

Free enterprise organisations, Open Source organisations, educational institutions, non-profit organisations and individuals can share their work freely and use it as long as it remains unchanged.

Who is NetBeans written for?

As NetBeans is written to support Java, its programming is helpful and can be useful to everyone.

Programmers and developers can use and develop java applications.

New users can begin to learn programming without all the hardware and software setup.

As NetBeans IDE is cross-platform compatible it can be used by everyone.

Web developers can create and code HTML, XML, JavaScript, and web applications.

NetBeans IDE Programming Languages

NetBeans is designed to support all kinds of programming languages including Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, C/C++, Groovy, Delphi and SQL.

NetBeans IDE programming languages are only for Java, JavaScript and PHP, the languages are configured according to the default languages, however it is possible to add other languages to this.

NetBeans IDE is not a Java IDE, it is a general Java programming IDE.

NetBeans IDE Supported Platforms

NetBeans IDE supports most of the operating systems including Sun Solaris, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7.1, Linux, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.


System Requirements For Apache NetBeans IDE:

Compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
Minimum of 2GB of RAM
256MB of disk space
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