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Thursday I took my laptop to the computer lab to play around with a few things. I spent a good amount of time creating a bitmap of a stack of legal disclosure documents given by the FAA and EASA. A small game I am working on makes some use of the stack to help with collision detection. After that, I did some work on 4D plotting. This afternoon I had the campus tour group over to my room so we could have pizza and watch the Daytona 500. My room is located near the construction of the new engineering center and I was able to see some of the construction progress. Things are pretty much complete. There are a lot of new building turrets, huge antenna dishes and other large antennae which I am quite disgusted by looking at. At least the engineers are creating something since this place is really quite bland.

Friday I have to give a 2 hour presentation to a group of young professors from the US and Kuwait. It is on myMBA. I’m having a difficult time getting the topic to present so I’m fiddling with it a bit.Friday night I go home for my birthday. I’m paranoid that something may change over the weekend but the good news is that I’ll be home so I don’t have to fly home. I get much more anxiety on planes than anything else. I’ll be very relieved to be back on the ground finally!

I’m also running into all sorts of problems with my laptop. It isn’t charging at its full amperage. The battery balance keeps switching all around, so I put some heat tape on the battery. I have a couple bad sectors on the hard drive, possibly because of this laptop and the fact that it has been neglected, so I’m going to get a new one with a bigger hard drive.


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