Xforce Keygen Dynamo Studio 2010 64bit Free Download ((TOP))

Xforce Keygen Dynamo Studio 2010 64bit Free Download ((TOP))


Xforce Keygen Dynamo Studio 2010 64bit Free Download

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Why does this operator overloading lead to ambiguous call?

Here is a simple C++ example. We are using overloading of the + operator. I can understand why using operator + directly on two non-constant pointers will generate a hard-to-prevent ambiguity. However, the constant-point expression will result in a compile-time error, thus eliminate the ambiguity.

class MyClass {};

struct AddData {
double data;
AddData(double d) : data(d) {}

struct MyProc {
MyClass *my_object;
MyProc(MyClass *obj) : my_object(obj) {}

AddData operator+(const MyClass &other_data) const
AddData sum;
sum.data = my_object->some_member;
sum.data += other_data.my_member;
return sum;

void a()
const MyClass *const_ptr = new MyClass();
const MyClass *const_other_ptr = new MyClass();
const MyProc other_proc(const_other_ptr);
MyClass *const_my_ptr = new MyClass();

MyProc proc(const_my_ptr);
MyProc &proc2 = proc;
MyProc proc3(const_my_ptr);
MyProc &proc4 = proc3;
MyProc proc

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