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Sasha Bongard, You Can’t Use WordPress to Build a Landing Page

Back in 2007, a popular writer made the statement that they would never build a landing page for a client. “Why would you?” they asked. “There are landing pages built for you in the WordPress customizer, whether you know it or not!” As their statement got more attention, more people started using WordPress to build landing pages and the customizer grew in popularity as a result.

For a while, no one knew how to use the customizer in WordPress, so people had to build their own or learn how to customize WordPress. The customizer has long since been put to good use, and we’ve all built landing pages using it.

With this in mind, I have been using the customizer to build landing pages for clients over the years. If the client is interested in how the customizer works, I’ll walk them through how to build a landing page in WordPress. If they already know how to do it, I can get them to build a landing page directly from the customizer.

This last year, though, I was asked to help someone build their own landing page. I suggested that they use Magento. They said they didn’t want to spend the money to build a separate site. I then suggested that they take advantage of the WordPress customizer. When I followed up with them a few weeks later, they told me that the customizer wasn’t cutting it. They didn’t like the way it worked and the design options weren’t there to make a great experience.

The customizer still has its problems. It doesn’t work in some situations where it seems like it should. It’s missing or has weird functionality. It

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