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The third chapter of Falcom’s legendary action RPG series featuring characters that have become one of the most loved series in the world, is coming to the Nintendo Switch! The 3rd brings the fantastic story by Stylistic Design Award winner Akira Toriyama and the talented Falcom Sound Team with the HISTORY of Liberl as its protagonist back onto Nintendo Switch with all its games! Enjoyed by fans in Japan and around the world, this latest entry in the Legend of Heroes series brings the exploration and tactical role-playing game to life through the use of the Star Omen, a mysterious device which can be used in combat to cast spells on the enemy!
A brand new world to explore!
Explore the revolutionary new world of Liberl! The Gralsritter has placed a mirror on the moon and discovered that many artifacts are reflecting images of the outside world. Some of these artifacts have been stolen by the raiders and are now being sold in the city of Faliric.
It’s up to you to go get them back!
Strengthen and level up your party members as you explore a brand-new world! Participate in various quests while levelling up your character to become stronger!
A seamless battle system!
Optimized for Switch battle!
Enjoy the story on 1P on normal mode or 3P on easy mode!
Brave a perilous adventure!
* Depending on the region you play, there may be differences in the names of the monsters
* The game and account may be played without microtransactions. The in-game items are not subject to microtransactions.
Visit us at to learn more!
About Falcom
Falcom, Ltd., originally founded in 1980, is a renowned Japanese video game developer best known for its Legend of Heroes and Ys franchises. The company also publishes the Super Famicom/SNES Action RPG series by Atlus, The 3rd and the Macross franchise by Sunrise, and acclaimed PC strategy games produced in collaboration with the Stellar Entertainment studio.
About Falcom USA LLC
Falcom USA, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nihon Falcom Corporation dedicated to bringing the best in Japanese games to the American audience. Featuring a talented team of experienced industry veterans, the company continues to flourish in the face of the ever-changing world of video games in North America.


The Hex – Quot;Walk Quot; Original Soundtrack Features Key:

  • A clean, artistically simple Cubes game
  • Totally minimalist gameplay
  • Kept as close to the original AAKAG design as possible
  • Carefully documented
  • Fast Play & Interactivity Play mode
  • New Player Mode – Easy Controls
  • Increase Difficulty Mode – Beat the clock mode
  • Save highscores
  • Playlists
  • Single & Double Cube operation
  • Totally new gameplay, no clones
  • _________________________________________________

    Key points

    • The game only has 4 main skills – Moving, Rotating, Drilling and
    • Most points are scored by rotating
    • Press on the tile and a blue arrow appears
    • After you have rotated the tiles, press on the tile and the arrow
    • Do not press the same tile twice
    • Whenever the number of cubes is equal to the number of total
      tiles the game is over
    • The game ends as soon as a player rotates one tile
    • New game end state with a higher score than your opponent


    • Infinite Play – A new feature that allows the players to play the
      game forever
    • Next player – A great new feature
    • Dumber tiles – We made sure every tile is a piece of cardboard

    How to play

    Move: Pushing the tile to make an arrow.

    Rotate: Touch an arrow.

    Drill: Touch an arrow and press the neighboring arrow.


    The Hex – Quot;Walk Quot; Original Soundtrack Crack + Serial Key Free

    You are about to find yourself caught in the middle of a story so bizarre that your dreams are worth more than your life.
    A disturbing story that will haunt you as you try to find your daughter.
    Its a story of injustice and sacrifice, a story of survival, a story of politics and a story of greed.
    Filled with subtle hints and unexpected situations that will lead you into an adventure that will shake your beliefs…
    The events of this terrible night began ten years ago.
    However, today they will overtake you and make you remember the promise made once.
    Rushing to find your missing daughter, you will become participants in terrible events.
    But this time it won’t be possible to retreat.
    Waiting for you:
    Original 2D graphics.
    Atmospheric environment.
    3 zones and more than 20 locations.
    11 types of deadly enemies.
    Simple controls.
    Explore locations, look for clues, solve puzzles, fight dangerous enemies or flee, destroy obstacles.
    Do whatever is necessary to reach your goal.

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    The Hex – Quot;Walk Quot; Original Soundtrack License Code & Keygen PC/Windows [Latest]

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