Superspeed Ramdisk Plus 11.8 Crack ##BEST## 5

Superspeed Ramdisk Plus 11.8 Crack ##BEST## 5

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Superspeed Ramdisk Plus 11.8 Crack 5

The program also provides a really simple interface to create the ram disks and you can specify the size of the RAMDisk. You can also specify the name of the RAMDisk (type the RAMdisk name into the textbox on the first window, or alternatively, you can click the file icon and browse to the location you want the RAM Disk to be saved to). The best way to use this tool is to click on the start button and when prompted click Browse if you want to browse to the location where your current boot directory is located. Choose a location for your RAM Disk and use the configuration file to create it.

Click on the commands tab and youll get a command interface to use to run additional commands like fsck. Click on the config tab to get settings for different aspects of the ram disk like RAM, Paging, Use Full Disk Cache and so on. You can also see the RAMDisk label, and see the RAMDisk folder. If you like to have help on how to use the application, click the Help tab to view some tips.

One of the other cool features of this tool is that it supports an advanced page file on HDD for the RAM Disk, and also supports multilple ramdisks with the same configuration file. This allows you to share RAM between multiple users/apps/video editing software and so on. You can see this being used in this video from Youtube. Its available for 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Both versions of the tool provide various options for creating the same settings. If youre writing a linux, just click on the Linux icon on the config window and youll be taken to the files needed for multilple RAM disks.


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