Software Easy Dental 8.0 Para Dentistas |TOP|

Software Easy Dental 8.0 Para Dentistas |TOP|


Software Easy Dental 8.0 Para Dentistas

The benefits of cloud-based software include:

  • Streamlined and efficient workflow
  • Decreased maintenance costs and improved efficiencies
  • Easier to upgrade as requirements change
  • Flexibility to customize and set up for your practice needs

In the past, dental practice management software was clunky and bulky. For example, you could only have one account for your practice, and if you wanted to do one thing for your practice, you had to go through the process of creating a new record for the practice.

Overview: DentalPro is a cloud-based dental software provider that was started in January 2008, and has moved right along with the emergence of mobile dental systems. Today, DentalPro is considered as the “infrastructure” provider of mobile dental systems and practices for individuals, dental groups and dental schools. They offer a free starter plan. The system is secure, yet affordable for both individuals and groups. They also offer an online survey tool to help you evaluate all of your customers.

Overview: Denticad is a comprehensive patient record system designed for dental offices. It uses a cloud-based network to ensure that patients can access their records even if their dental practice is offline.

Overview: Dental Sticker has become a popular solution for solo dental practitioners and dental practices. They have an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and will deliver all of the practice’s essential contact information to new patients via email. Reviewers praise the platform for offering an extensive set of features for maintaining an online patient database.

Features: PracticeStream offers a workflow tool that allows you to schedule the next steps for your patients. Once you have scheduled the next steps, the software sends email, text, or alerts to the practice members so that they can coordinate and complete the procedures. PracticeStream also offers a mobile app that can be used on an iOS or Android device.
Overview: PracticeTree is offered in a monthly subscription with a per-use fee or a yearly subscription. PracticeTree is a dental practice management system that is designed to ease your life as a dental practice manager with a feature set that rivals anything offered by a higher-end dental practice management system. PracticeTree is cloud-based, so you don’t need to buy any hardware; you simply log into your account from any device and start managing your patients in seconds.
Overview: Software called PracticeTeam is designed to manage your dental practice in such a way that it covers all the aspects of your practice–from the initial intake of patients to appointment scheduling and scheduling visits/sessions, payment collection, patient information, patient management, billing/claims, and more.
The cloud-based practice management software solution is a very different type of software than traditional, on-premises software. With this type of software, everything you need is stored in the cloud and accessed via the internet. The result is very streamlined and the money you are paying for the software is on a subscription basis. Some of the benefits of cloud software include: No need for client systems Ease of use Versatility


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