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Is the Space Race Finally Over? – ghosh

If we already are beyond the point where the cost of putting people into space
is no longer prohibitive, why would we ever stop? We can “solve” global
warming by getting humans to Mars, why not solve all of our problems too?

I’m of the opinion that we should be spending all of our precious resources
putting people into space now, because once we’ve accomplished that, what
“solve[d] global warming” even could’ve possibly been the problem?

It’s not costs that have to be overcome. It’s doing the scientific research
that we need to learn how to manage the risk of going into deep space and
making it cheap enough that it’s affordable.

Also, you should be imagining the far future, where we’ve developed a class of
people that’s more or less self-sufficient and they can do things like mine
asteroids for their wealth and settle places like Mars or Saturn’s moons.

Maybe not for hundreds or thousands of years, but there will come a point
where that’s sufficient to solve any global-scale problems.

People are self-sufficient already. In the 1970s there were on average 60,000
American males who had no access to healthcare. Now I think that number is
maybe 2,000.

I don’t think the problem of providing health care to the entire world is
going to disappear. But it’s not a reason to end the space programme.

“Getting there” is a reason to keep the space programme going.

How are we going to get there if we’re spending all our resources on Mars?

I’m sure billionaires and countries will get there in time.

Where is Elon and NASA today?

“private” space tourism. “outsource to India”. In other words “we could have
gone there but we’re

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