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SILK LABO After Summer 148

Authentic Indian Handwoven Silk Handbags… Due to the strong demand for hand-woven silks, today, hundreds of shops are flourishing in India’s silk districts, their occasional prosaic merchandise getting a highly ornate functionality, quite in the same way as Indian handicrafts have been known to do in Japan. If you enjoy looking through all of the different Indian Faux Fur Outlet options, we have you covered. Make sure to check out your local shop and get the true silk look you have been searching for.

Undetectable for the non-living user and almost undetectable for the living user, the fact that bacteria can be used for detecting and killing virus and bacteria has been known for some time. However, researchers in France have developed a new technique, called Photobacterium phosphoreum, that makes the most of the bacterium’s natural ability to photosynthesize.
“Now it’s possible to make substances that emit light and give an image that’s very sensitive and that can be used to image very small amounts of bacteria at very close range. Because of this you can create a scanner, not in the living body, but outside the body, that can detect bacteria and viruses in the place where they are,” said Professor Michel Chretien of the National Research Agency for the Fight Against Cancer (ANR-MRC) and the University of Caen. After testing it on samples taken from patients with MERS, they found that it didn’t give any false positives – in contrast, current techniques, which use DNA nucleotides to detect bacteria, often give false positives of up to 10 percent of the time. However, this very specific accuracy makes it very useful in identifying bacterial infections in the body and also for doctors on the front line at hospitals, to ensure that the deadly bacteria aren’t circulating.


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