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with the new eplan scheduler, a user can plan the work order sequence and the workcell structure by using the eplan plc program directly. the new scheduler generates a document with schedules for electrical schematics and other parts that can be linked to the model for a single product.

the new eplan p8 offers features that are not available in most competitors’ products, including the ability to customize electrical schematics using a pc application. users can use the eplan scheduler to design schedules using customizable eplan projects, which are saved in a single library. schedules can be saved, modified, and included in a project. the p8 software also offers the ability to create and edit work orders, which can be assigned to a project and then used to automatically generate workcells and electrical schematics.

the new eplan scheduler allows users to develop their own electrical schematics that can be scheduled to the plc, so that the user can set the order and sequence of the tasks as well as who performs the various tasks. users can also generate schedule data and save the schedule as a file or send it to the eplan data portal.the new eplan p8 also supports siemens eplan modules, such as eplan electric p8, eplan electric p4, eplan electric p8.1, eplan electric p8i, and eplan electric p8 for tia portal, which makes it easy to manage projects with the scheduler.

there are many examples of currently available products that allow a user to create their own electrical schematics, but eplan p8 is one of the first plc products with the ability to create and edit schematics using a pc application. in addition, the ability to create a schedule using a library and then assign projects to that schedule allows users to integrate the p8 scheduler into their workflow, increasing efficiency.

the eplan scheduler generates a new project document for each project, along with schedules that can be saved as a file or sent to the eplan data portal. the project has its own workbook that includes schedules, a set of schematics, and a template that can be saved as a file or sent to the eplan data portal.
users can create a project that includes a set of workcells that can be scheduled to the plc. the workcells can include electrical schematics that can be saved as a file or sent to the eplan data portal.
siemens is also exhibiting its new portfolio of wind converters, which have to meet ever higher requirements in respect of network compatibility, efficiency and reliability in their central role in the generation of wind energy. the new sinamics w180 series of compact devices with high availability and efficiency is especially suitable for wind turbines up to 10 mw.
the new siemens sp series wind converters with an electrical efficiency of 96% and a capacity of up to 12.5 mw have to meet the stringent requirements of the european union’s renewable energy directive. the sp series is available in three variants with different performance and cost characteristics.
siemens is exhibiting the latest version of its three-phase electric switchgear, the gx series. the switchgear is the central element in all electrical power networks. it protects the power supply and ensures a safe, reliable, and economical supply of electrical energy. the switchgear is designed for medium voltage (1.2-36 kv) and low voltage (0.6-60 kv).
in the field of building automation, siemens is leveraging its product portfolio to create the world’s most innovative and compact solution. a new building automation system from siemens is available as the first product in the category, the x-haus. the x-haus offers high efficiency, safety, and comfort with a low investment cost. the building automation system is based on the open iec 61850 standard and implements the iec 62443-2 standard for hvac systems.

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