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A games company that operates a platform that allows users to program and create their own games using an interface similar to game creation software such as Microsoft’s Game Studio. The games can be played by anyone, free of charge, on any of the company’s online game servers. Roblox hosts a wide variety of games for players of all ages and skill levels. The platform is based in San Francisco, California. In addition to offering the ability to develop games and play them on Roblox’s servers, players can also earn Robux through gameplay to use in the purchase of in-game items, most of which have been created by the company. The company also sells Robux to players. Robux can be converted to premium currency, which can be used to purchase in-game items. The company generates revenue from ads presented to players on Roblox’s website and as in-app ads on mobile games developed for the platform.

Roblox Requirements:

CPU: 2.2 GHz Dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo or faster

RAM: 2 GB or more

GB Available: 1 GB or more

OS: Windows XP or later

Roblox Download:

Eclipse-based programming suite:
(4.4 MB)

(The zip file contains the IDE)

(The Eclipse based IDE)

(The Android Studio-based programming suite)

(The zip file contains the IDE)

(The Android Studio based IDE)

How to Install the Program:

Extract and run the installer

Wait for the installation to complete

Create an account using the Register program

Open the program

Easy as that!


1.Players can create games, write their own story arcs, create towns and games, design weapons, and much more.

Fun for all ages, with a variety of activities.

Web Server:

Web Server

Host your Web Server for the Roblox website on a network. An automatically created game server automatically accepts connections from other users. The Web Server includes a built-in Web Server with built-in proxy support and a secure server using TLS encryption.

With the Web Server you can host pages for your Roblox program online. The basic version allows users to connect to the sites of other users for a fee, and the premium version allows users to run their own site entirely for free.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2018

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