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The Elden Ring Action RPG is a fantasy action game developed by the RRP-Games team for the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. It is the first entry in the series and is entirely designed and developed by our team in Germany.

We want to introduce the world of the Lands Between to NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet users with a unique action RPG, and provide them with a thrilling adventure with unique gameplay and graphics.

Open World. Two Worlds. Everywhere.

You will be able to explore the entire world of The Lands Between, freely moving from the vibrant living world to the desolate ruins of the land of the fallen. Fight alongside NPC allies or against them, joining a group to defeat an enemy that threatens your home. A myriad of interesting characters await you in the open-world game world. By meeting and fighting with them, you will be able to make new friends, build your own character, and partake in all-new stories.

Ultimate Action Action RPG

The battlefield of the action RPG is a new scale from a previous collaboration by the company in Germany. The game fully supports both touch and controller inputs. The controls are easy and intuitive, and the player will be able to enjoy endless hours of gameplay for the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet.

A vast world, thousands of characters

The Lands Between is vast and full of unique characters. Follow the protagonist and defend the world from enemies from different time periods in a variety of different adventure settings. Choose your allies wisely, customize your own equipment, and take on powerful enemies.

Dense and rich with atmosphere

The Lands Between is a 3D fantasy action world with beautiful and detailed settings, dynamic weather, and unique characters. This is an action RPG that is both a new and old-fashioned fantasy experience.

Full – 3D Environment, 2D Animation

The Lands Between is a 3D fantasy action RPG where characters and environments move and act according to the physics of real-life objects. You can freely explore the large and open world, with enemies appearing at any time.

A 2D world with 3D graphics

In the original Lands Between, the game world is a 2D paper-like view, and you can freely move through the game world by hand. The action is intense and cinematic while the atmosphere is rich with a mix of both the vivid world of The Lands Between and the beautifully-rendered animated 2D world.

A Cast of More than


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Rise from the depths of the underworld to become a powerful charm lord
  • The ancient power of the Elder Race: Edessenbier to resurrect dead characters, Orchill to ignite the rage in your opponents, and Academe to restore your own parry and evade
  • An all new battle system with firearms
  • A variety of battle settings: Clear up to epic dungeons
  • A wide variety of weapons, including firearms and explosives
  • New character customization options
  • A new card-style hack and slash battle system (Tap +D) that also features the additional enhancements of universal buffing/debuffing, item effects like accretion, versatility, and class functions that enable the utilization of skills
  • A partially seamless world creating a seamless communication between players
  • 7 internet-compatible languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
  • Development

    The developers at Fromsoftware have worked on titles such as Danganronpa and Marvelous Land of Fantasy while expanding the social circle with the production of Pokemon Sun and Pokémon Moon. I believe that the main characteristic of their game style is the ability to create worlds that cast an atmosphere of tension that overlays battle scenes.

    Elden Ring Schedule

    • June 5, 2017 – Closed Beta
    • December 1, 2017 – First release on March 19, 2018

    Preview Elden Ring 01

    PREVIEW: Elden Ring – The Roleplaying Action RPG to Resurrection in the Lands Between!

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by a team of leading Japanese game developers, featuring a story based on an international mythos featuring the Elder Race and powerful charm lords such as Grand Saisiv and Gennai. Journey to and explore mysterious lands, develop, and


    Elden Ring Product Key Full Download (2022)

    An astonishing upgrade on the first version, this version has everything that fans of Ragnarok Eternal Divine were hoping for.

    Games Radio

    I was blown away by the new version of Ragnarok Eternal Divine. The game has a beautiful and unique art style, the combat is fun and gives the player a lot of options, and the character development system is completely revamped and is really enjoyable to play.

    Mezhrab Khan / Mezraba / RSS Game Reporter

    The original version of Ragnarok Eternal Divine is a classic turn-based fantasy RPG with a lot of content and pretty interesting mechanics. The gameplay might seem repetitive at first, but it gets really enjoyable once you get used to it. The story is intriguing and the game contains a lot of interesting characters. Moreover, Ragnarok Eternal Divine has a very unique style and I really recommend the game. It is a very beautiful RPG with a really fun combat system.

    Games Fortnite Alternatives

    Ragnarok Eternal Divine is a fantasy RPG game that shares some similarities with the game Ragnarok Online. Players can choose from seven classes, and can make new classes by combining the pre-created classes. You can also use the same weapon and magic combos and can switch between characters on the field. The game also features a top-down perspective, a set of action and spell buttons, and lots of spells, weapons, and special abilities. In total, Ragnarok Eternal Divine has over 50 unique weapons and more than 80 unique spells, that can be combined for powerful combos. New players can try to defeat the bosses in the level (King of Babylon, Battle of Babylon, Avenger, Queen of Babylon, Spirit of Babylon, Goddess of Babylon, Canthora, Infinite Spirit), and can also participate in PvP.


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    Elden Ring [32|64bit] Latest

    ▶ The Chronicles Of The Gods
    A fantasy adventure by the creative minds of Chunsoft. What if you were born in the worlds of various legends such as Hercules, Thor, Jason, Gilgamesh, Medea, Heine, and the era of the sky pirates and the floating fortress?

    Story ■■■ The Flash Gods That Await You
    A lonely child. On a day, a forbidden girl with a mysterious artifact that is a part of their soul suddenly appears. She wants to protect the world while receiving a mysterious revelation.

    ● Etrian Odyssey Series
    Play a role in the powerful world of Etrian Odyssey. Take on the role of an brave hero in the new world of Ys.

    Play the Etrian Odyssey series of games now!


    ■■ Piers Island Adventure ■■■
    The heroes of a race of men with mythological powers called “Elden” are fighting for their survival on a foreign desert island.
    Explore the mysterious island while joining a war between the heroes and the lizard monsters who have invaded from the mainland.

    (1) Usual Monster, Various Monsters
    Each of the four dungeons to be cleared contains various monsters. Upgrading your weapon and the characteristics of your equipment will help you defeat them.

    (2) Dungeons
    The island of Piers is packed with dungeons! Strike down enemies and reveal the mysteries of the land.// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
    // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
    // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

    // +build!gccgo

    #include “textflag.h”

    // System call support for AMD64, FreeBSD

    // Just jump to package syscall’s implementation for all these functions.
    // The runtime may know about them.

    TEXT ·Syscall(SB),NOSPLIT,$0-56
    JMP syscall·Syscall(SB)

    TEXT ·Syscall6(SB),NOSPLIT,$0-80
    JMP syscall·Syscall6(SB)

    TEXT ·Syscall9(SB),NOSPLIT,$0-104
    JMP syscall·Syscall9(SB)

    TEXT ·RawSyscall(SB),NOSPLIT,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Gateway Galaxy Battle Rose for the God of War series is developed by Troops and the producer, Koei.
    It will release on May 31, 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita, and it will be released in Europe on July 31, 2018.

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    Eden Ring is the latest MMORPG from the the Elden Horizon Team featuring a brand new fantasy setting with a rich and unique story and a group of diverse characters. The team boasted a huge game world, allowing players to freely wander around an assortment of locations at their leisure. Players are able to explore the world, and take advantage of a variety of missions and activities to gain in-game experience points and items.

    Eden Ring is launching officially today on Steam, the world’s largest digital distribution service for PC gamers, for $9.99/£7.99/$9.99. Players can also download the beta version now on Steam.




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