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Name Elden Ring
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The game features new action RPG elements where the choices you make determine your fate.

Choose your character’s appearance and their weapon and armor to change their look. Character growth and a vast array of equipment are key factors in war-oriented battles with monsters, and actions like using actions to make other party members or the environment work together to form formidable teams.

Key Features:

An Action-Based Experience :

Choose from one of 8 different characters and go into battle. Facing incredible monsters and unearthly powers, you’ll be able to explore a vast world and increase your strength through a growing adventure where every challenge becomes your chance to become a fearsome hero.

Character Customization :

A variety of items and skills are at your disposal. The craftsmanship and role-playing spirit of the game leave no stone unturned in crafting a whole new class of heroes.

Battle Action :

The battles with monsters are set in a fantasy war-oriented setting. You can increase your strength with combat, and explore a vast world with a hot and dry desert, a green jungle, a mountain terrain where hard rock and fire hide the truth, and so on.

Battle Action, Battle Action :

Because the large number of potential moves may cause a distortion in your game play, the game features a strategy element that lets you make moves throughout the field. As your enemy grows stronger and stronger, it will direct you to a plot where you have to travel deeper and deeper in order to escape.

Online Play :

Provides online play where two players can fight together against monsters to earn experience and proceed to new areas. You can connect to the Internet via the PS Store in the same way as the OS version.

English Voice & Text Support :

Romaji voice support is included for the Japanese and English language versions. English and Japanese text support are available.

The Power of the Elden Ring :

The Power of the Elden Ring is what you will use to take control of the Lands Between. It is a four-element circle that was hidden to humans. With the Power of the Elden Ring, you can forge the Blood of Zamoa, making the land tremble in an instant, and take it away from other people. You can forge weapons and armor using the blood of the monsters in the Lands Between. As the Power of the Elden Ring grows, you will be able to perform powerful techniques


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Casting Spell
    • A casting element that casts magic. Casting elements are divided into elements based on the spell type, and require a certain element to be cast. When you press on this casting element, spellcasting opens up the selection screen where you can choose from elements.
  • Attacking
    • A combat element in which you strike, but can use a variety of weapons. When you cast a spell, a certain element is used on your weapon, and a damage value is recorded. The element used depends on the element of your weapon, and weapons have different element types.
    • Energy Recovery Elements (Parry)
      • Element : Physical
      • Element Cost : –
      • Element : Block
      • Energy Recovery Elements (Battle)
        • Element : Physical
        • Element Cost : –
        • Element : Crit
        • Energy Recovery Elements (Assist)
          • Element : Ranged
          • Element Cost : –
          • Element : Block
          • Energy Recovery Elements (Substitute)
            • Element : Skill
            • Element Cost : –
            • Element : Block
          • Energy Recovery Elements (Recovery)
            • Element : Physical
            • Element Cost : –
            • Element : Block
        • Mana Recovery Elements (Recovery)
          • Element : Ranged
          • Element Cost : –
          • Element : Block
    • Skill Mana Recovery Elements (Recovery)
      • Element : Skill

        Elden Ring

        “It seems like a combination of Persona, Ace Attorney, and Danganronpa.”

        —Nicholas J., Famitsu

        “The first in a new genre for mobile games.”


        “It is thoroughly enjoyable and will immediately appeal to many players.”



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        Elden Ring Download [Updated] 2022


        • Movement is free, with a slight turn lag
        • Movement does not slow down when heavy attacks are performed
        • Movement does not slow down when dashing

        [Character Customization]

        • A variety of character customization options
        • You can customize your character’s appearance by changing face color and hairstyle.
        • You can customize the weapons and armor that you equip
        • You can also customize your character’s accessories, such as hairpin and rings


        • Dynamic and Massive Action Battle
        • You can enjoy tactical game play through a variety of commands, be them offensive or defensive.
        • The action is massive with dynamic characters.
        • Every action is accompanied with the sound of a crackling fire and impact, making combat feel immersive.


        • You can be part of a large guild, consisting of countless players.
        • Asynchronous online play that is also completed by you and the friends you invited
        • You can play with your friends directly.

        【Guild Exchange】

        • Exchange guild rank, guild membership, guild and event rank, guild data, guild and event data, as well as character data for guild members.
        • You can exchange guild rank in the game
        • You can receive various rewards from guilds

        [Guild Battle]

        • In a guild battle, fight over several days in real time.
        • You can receive rewards as a reward for your guild battle.
        • You can challenge other guilds and guild battles will be available to you based on the guild ranking of the opponents.

        [Trophy Events]

        • Award trophies to you and your guild based on the results of your guild battles.
        • You can exchange and equip trophies for character data
        • Trophies can be acquired through PvP-related events and clan wars

        [Character and Item Purchase]

        • You can freely purchase all items in the game
        • You can exchange items
        • You can sell all items in the game


        • You can receive various missions from guilds.
        • You can complete challenging missions through guild battle
        • You can complete missions even when you are offline

        [Magic and Craft]

        • You can acquire new gear and weapons using crafting materials
        • You can craft a variety of magic and weapons
        • You can craft Epic and Prestige weapons


        What’s new:

        Letter from the creators – m-gotev2017-02-05T00:00:00+00:002019-03-26T07:19:40+00:00m-gotev

        Have you been following the devlog? Well, it wasn’t a simple process for us. As mentioned before we’ve received a lot of requests to make FF7, but it’s not possible.
        However as we’ve been shown the writing, work, and innovative thinking going on inside of Rebellion, we couldn’t let it be and we got to work. After some time I’d like to address you and share with you what the process was like. To be frank, it was scary.

        The first step was to get 3 of our former developors from the beginning. Shaun, Oka (m-gotev), and David Shaw. We needed them to be around us for a couple of weeks to brainstorm about it and get a perspective on it. Next we brought the 3 of them together with John Clarkson. John had been away from our company in a way, so while still respected of him, this was another risk. Basically we were going to make a bet on him that he could lead us to make awesome game.

        Once we all gathered and started discussing, John moved us into a very productive process. As of today we want to thank him for his vision and leadership for us and Rebellion so far. He has always placed trust and had faith on our hands to be doing the right thing.
        One of his key points of this writing was to share a heavy fear of passing onto wrong decisions. I feel so grateful that in the end we didn’t make any bad decisions and our decision to do this writing is just such a moment.

        As a leader he was able to help us going through this. We began this 3 weeks ago by the end of it we’ll have over 50 man years developing this new game.

        Since the beginning we’ve done many hours talking until 3AM. With passionate discussions like only John could offer through us we’re sure that this will be fine


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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
      CPU: i3-2120 (2.7GHz) or better
      RAM: 6 GB or more
      GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 270 or better
      Network: Broadband Internet connection
      DirectX: Version 11
      HDD: Free disk space at least 50 GB
      How to Install Bluestacks:
      Before you continue, please make sure you have downloaded the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Oracle


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