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Eternal Quest is a free-to-play 2D MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy open-world that changes every month. In this world players can choose a
– Profession: Battleground, crafting, bounty hunting…
– Classes: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Monk…
– Events: The event will last from 48 hours to a week
– Daily tasks: Can be bought or dropped, that will grant you gold or crafting materials
– PvP: Can be played with other players from your PC or Mobile. Fight other players in a fast paced action PVP combat and explore a beautiful
– CrowdPlay: Can be played with other players from your PC or Mobile. Choose a profession and craft epic items starting at level 10, fight raid bosses
– Raid bosses: A random boss will respawn 4x every day and everyone online can join the battle against it.
– Fight other players starting at level 25. The game have different area types, some are PVE and other are PVP that allows players to start a
– PK status: A player will need to reduce some karma points by killing monsters in order to remove it.
– If they get 7 unjustified kills they get the Outlaw status and have to do a redemption quest in order to remove it
– After 7 unjustified kills the player will get the outlaw status and will need to do a redemption quest in order to remove it
– PVP game modes: Assasin hunting, Team Hunting, Attack Team, Capture the flag…
– Manage your inventory: Choose between 8 categories for your gear, weapons, shields, armors…
??‍♂️ PARTY
– Share EXP playing alongside with your party.
– Get EXP bonuses for each different classe you have on your party
– Rewards: Daily tasks, Bounty Hunting…
– Start profession: If you choose not to invest on a profession, at level 10 you will learn the first skill and will be able to invest on you first
– PvP: Get PvP points everytime you kill another player, on turn enemies will have to kill your friend and then you will be able to kill them
– Party crafting: You can share EXP and gems playing together with your party.
– All skills are locked and cannot be changed. At level 10 and only at level 10, there are some exceptions:


Redrum: Dead Diary Features Key:

  • Set in a stunningly detailed fantasy world, this Living Campaign was originally written as part of the PFRPG Kickstarter for the Beholder’s Eyestone Adventure Path.

What you get for the price of this game:

  • Getting Lost In The Woods in The Beholder’s Eyestone Adventure Path
  • Fantasy Grounds Level 1
  • Six Fire Potions
  • A detailed 4-page map of the Hell’s Rebels Tavern and Dungeon
  • And more


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