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Breaking news: The Morgan State University Office of the Registrar is closing its office today due to a lack of funding. As a MSA student, I am simply disgusted and can’t believe that this is happening.

When I entered Morgan State, I remember the office of the registrar — which is located directly next to Undergraduate Hall — was full of students and even students who were visiting campus for the first time; obviously for those who were visiting. I’m certain the general public never even knew this was there, and now it’s nothing but an empty shell.

To add insult to injury, the Registrar’s Office can be found on the 2nd Floor of the Frederick Douglass and Eshelman Undergraduate Research Hall. Immediately below us, in the Undergraduate Research Library, is the Office of the Academic Vice President, supposedly the leading academic resource in the university. We’re 1,400 students in the most populated college in Baltimore, and the Office of the Registrar is right there for us to ask questions, to seek advice, to get all of our academic business done. I am so proud to have been in this office when I was in high school, and as a student just starting out.

Now that this office is closed, we have no place to get information about registering, scheduling a class, submitting an academic conduct report, registering for classes, checking grades, or anything else we would need to do for our futures. We, the students, are being pushed back into the back

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