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* **Viewers:** Watch someone edit an image to see how various tools are used in Photoshop. Check out “Watch video tutorials” on this book’s DVD for details.

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So, Photoshop Elements come with a lot of features that make it a suitable alternative to Photoshop. It’s a free software to create images, edit and manipulate images. Photoshop Elements comes with a lot of features to help you create new images, modify images, and improve existing images. They are well-known for designing and creating logos, illustrations, CD and DVD covers, posters, and Web sites.

The interface is good enough to use on a daily basis, not only in a professional-level. There are many other editors available today that do the same thing. However, I would recommend Photoshop Elements over Adobe Photoshop because of its less intimidating user interface and simpler tools.

If you are searching to find the best substitute of Photoshop, use Photoshop Elements, you will not regret. It helps you save your time and efforts.

Let’s look at some features of Photoshop Elements that make it stand out. There are different options in Photoshop Elements. So, it’s best to use all of them while modifying images.

1. Filter Effects

As I said before, Photoshop is an in-depth tool for making and editing photographs. It contains different features to edit images on Photoshop. However, it won’t be enough for the photographers, designers, or any graphic designers to make a nice-looking and editing images.

You need to use additional options to edit images. That is, Photoshop Elements has Filter Effects option. This option let you to apply different effects and filters to modify the photos. You can also create graphics, designs, and logos.

Various Filter Effect options in Photoshop Elements

There are various filter effects available in Photoshop Elements. Let’s have a look at some of the filter effects.

Tone Mapping Filter

Tone Mapping Filter

It is the first filter effect you see as soon as you open Photoshop Elements. This filter comes with the option to modify colors in images. It makes your images look like a real photograph.

You can choose from different preset image adjustments. This includes brightness adjustment and color balance.

By the way, I highly recommend using this filter effect on regular photos. It looks good even in landscape photos and on computer screens.

Merge to HDR Photo

Merge to HDR Photo

Merge to HDR Photo lets you adjust the image from black & white to colorful. This option helps you adjust the light and dark areas in a photo.

This filter is best for

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Vladan Knežević

Vladan Knežević (; born 6 August 1996) is a Serbian footballer who plays for FK Rad in the Serbian First League.

Club career
Born in Vrbas, Knežević passed in Radnički Lukovdol early years and made in first team in 2012. In summer 2014, he moved to the Požarevac.

In summer 2015, Knežević joined Zemun. He made his debut in first round of the 2015–16 Serbian League East. For the next season, he remained with Zemun but played only for the cup matches. In summer 2016, he returned to Radnički Lukovdol.

Radnički Lukovdol
Serbian Cup: 2015–16


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Category:Association football midfieldersSaskatoon Regional Hospital

Saskatoon Regional Hospital is a hospital that opened in 1995 as a replacement for the original clinic and nursing station opened in 1951 and currently on Hermitage Road at 9th Street and remains a part of the University of Saskatchewan community.


The original hospital opened on Sturgis Avenue in the West End of Saskatoon in 1951 under the direction of Dr. Edgar Brodie. The building had one of the first modern x-ray facilities in the province and was also the first to house the first neonatal intensive care unit in Saskatchewan.

The facility was recognized for its design by winning the Canadian Association of Architects’ Silver Jubilee Award in 1958. The same year the hospital was awarded the provincial government’s “Award of Merit” for medical innovation in the area of cardiac care and surgery.

When the new facility was built, a new medical centre, the John Lorne Cory building on the University of Saskatchewan campus, was being constructed. Construction of the new hospital was accomplished by the Provincial Irrigation department through a private company.

It was officially opened by the Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan Geoffrey Robert Shaw on April 17, 1995.

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The present invention relates to an optical fiber connector and its manufacturing method. More specifically, this invention relates to an optical fiber connector for connecting, among others, a ribbon fiber and a single fiber such as a SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) connector and its manufacturing method.
Conventionally, a ribbon fiber of poly(meth)acrylate series is popularly used for a short distance between an optical line connector and an optical fiber to provide a stable air-tight waterproof connection. However, since the ribbon fiber is relatively thick, it is hard to reduce the diameter of the connector to the extent that would be required for a long distance such as a home optical line connection. For this reason, a single fiber connector that reduces its diameter and the use of a ribbon fiber would be desired.
A conventional optical fiber connector is described in, for example, JP-A-10-171254 and JP-A-2002-204590. In the conventional connector, a housing includes a cylindrical portion, a rib array portion and a fiber array portion. The rib array portion is made up of a plurality of ribs extending along the longitudinal direction. An annular base of a convex cross section is defined between the rib array portion and the cylindrical portion. The fiber array portion is defined on the base of the cylindrical portion with a through hole communicating with the cylindrical portion. Fibers are inserted into the fiber array portion. A plurality of contacts are arranged in a row on the rib array portion of the housing. The contacts are exposed to the outside, and the sides of the contacts opposing each other are butted against each other. When inserting the fibers into the fiber array portion and connecting the fibers to the contacts, the ribs of the rib array portion are folded and compressed.
This conventional connector has advantages of reducing the diameter of the connector and providing a contact interface for a ribbon fiber. However, since the contacts are arranged in a row, the contact interface becomes smaller, and it is difficult to provide a contact interface of sufficient area. Thus, in the conventional connector, the size of the connector would not be sufficiently reduced. In the case where the contacts are arranged linearly like in the conventional connector, an optical line on which a number of connectors are provided is not easy to be reduced in diameter.
In view of the above-mentioned problems, an object of the present invention is to provide an optical fiber connector of reduced diameter and capable of providing a sufficiently

System Requirements:

Processor: AMD FX-6300 or Intel Core i5-2500K (AMD FX-6300 is recommended)
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7770 with 1GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 25GB available space
Additional Notes:
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