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# **Doodle, Sketch, and Draw**

Adobe is a big company. They are responsible for many creative and important software applications used by graphic artists as well as graphic designers. They also produce software for photographers and photo and video enthusiasts. These products all handle various tasks such as image editing and manipulation, composition, image correction, and 3D modeling.

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We use Photoshop Elements to develop this website, and we hope you do too. Don’t worry, you won’t be taught anything new. We will only be showing you what is needed to edit your image.

The website is a 100% free for everyone to use, and your images will not be republished anywhere else.

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First Steps Edit

Before you start editing images in Elements, we suggest you do some basic Photoshop editing first.

Here is a link to a Tutorial on how to edit an image in Photoshop. If you do not have Photoshop, you can download the free trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 20. You will still be able to edit your images with the Elements application.

Set Image Size

Before you begin editing your image, you should consider your final image size.

Dimensions are often most important for web design. Your website can be displayed in different sizes on different devices. So, you need to make your images fit the sizes you want to use on your website and export them to the formats you need.

It is also important to consider the width of your monitor.

What size image you will display in your website will have a big impact on how the quality of your image looks.

High quality images should always have a minimum resolution of at least 1200 DPI for web design.

Usually, high quality images have dimensions of 2100 pixels wide, 300 pixels high, and around 1.5 MB in file size.

It is also important to make sure your website design and web page elements fit within your image size.

You should have a conversion from any original image size to fit your final use. For example, if you want to display your image on a website or blog page, you should make sure you resize your image to fit your website layout and to use the pixel dimensions of the space you want to fill.


Image > Adjust > Resize:

Resize Image and make sure the use the space it will fit in and the pixel dimensions match up to the website or blog you are using.


Photoshop Elements has the same resize options as Photoshop. Simply open the image you want to edit and do the same steps from above.


Image > Adjust > Crop:



Cropping your images is extremely important. It will enable you to fit your

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