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Just as technology has advanced a lot as time passed by, so has read. Nowadays, dusty books are replaced with EPUB or PDF books, that have their own set of pros and cons.
Obviously, if you're an avid reader, your personal collection can be quite large, yet more often than not it looks like a folder full of cluttered documents and files.
That is where a personal digital book management client, such as Personal Library, can definitely come in handy.
A sleek interface for a hobby as old as time
The first thing that you'll notice when opening this app is the attention the developer paid to the visuals.
Everything is rendered beautifully, with some 3D elements being scattered here and there, however, these animations do take a toll on the system resources, which is something those of you that are using older PCs will surely notice. 
This latency isn't disturbing to the overall experience of using the app unless you hold speed and performance in great regard.
A library all to yourself
The first thing you have to do to access all the functions of the library is creating an account. This is password protected in case any of the documents in your library are sensitive in nature.
Once this step has been taken, you can then log in to benefit from all the features this app has to offer.
One thing worth mentioning is that the account creation is done locally, on the PC, and does not require you to input a valid email address or have constant Internet connection.
Catalog each book in a smart manner
Each book you add to your Personal Library is cataloged using specific details such as the entry's name, author, publishing year and category.
As soon as you have several entries in the library, you will then be able to see them all packed together based on category, or which of them have been read, which makes the whole browsing for new books to read far more fast and efficient.
Enjoy reading in a library you don't have to keep quiet
Personal Library offers to catalog and store digital books in a way that few other similar apps can match. This makes this app a must-have for any self-proclaimed bookworm.







Personal Library Crack + Free Download [2022-Latest]

Track, organize and view your reading. Personal Library lets you manage your books and notes. It stores your book information and downloads the books to your phone or tablet. There’s a clean, simple, responsive design which is easy to use. You can read books offline. You can synchronize your book collection between devices and web, so you can read and annotate them on multiple devices.
Key features:
1. Organize your books
Organize your books in easy-to-view tabs
Sort your books by category, title, author and date
Lets you record, highlight and add notes or tags to individual books
Share via popular social networks
2. Organize your notes
Organize your notes in easy-to-view tabs
Record all your book notes online and offline
Notes are represented by “bookmarks” and have a content area that can contain text.
Share via popular social networks
3. Download books in any format to your device
Download to your Android phone or tablet
You can read books from EPUB or PDF
You can access books on your computer via
You can search and download books from Google Play
4. Organize your books in the cloud
Organize your books in the cloud
Free space to store your books
Synchronize your books between devices
5. Share and catalog books
Share and catalog books
Create and share your own catalog
Share your notes to the web
Control access to your library to your friends, family or followers
6. View your history
Categorize your books
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Personal Library (Updated 2022)

– View and manage your E-Books.
– Keep all your E-Books in one convenient library.
– Organize books by categories and read them right on the app.
– Keep track of all your books, and create a digital library for yourself.
– Enjoy reading without need for Internet connection.
– One-tap to add new books to your library.
– View your entire library in a beautiful graphical interface.
What’s New
-v1.0.1 (14th Jan. 2018):- Added the option to zoom in/out on books.
-v1.0.2 (18th Jan. 2018):- Bug fixes and performance improvements.-v1.0.3 (10th Feb. 2018):- Bug fixes.
See larger Screenshots below../*
Copyright 2017 The Kubernetes Authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

package v1

import (

metav1 “”

func addLabelNames(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error {
if err := metav1.AddLabelNamesToGroupVersion(scheme,
&SchemeGroupVersion{Version: “v1”}); err!= nil {
return err

return nil

func GetPluralName

Personal Library

> “If you want to read, but don’t know what to read, Personal Library is the app you are looking for!”

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What’s New in the Personal Library?

“Personal Library is a slim utility for organizing, cataloging and reading your collection of digital books. It can automatically organize your books and e-books by genre, author, subject or date published. You can also store single books, groups of books or even all your books in a single place, making it easy to find them. Once you find your book, you can view it in various formats like EPUB, PDF, DOC or HTML and read it using your favorite reader. Enjoy reading your books without cluttering your hard disk or memory card with all the clutter of untagged and unorganized files.”

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System Requirements For Personal Library:

Minimum specifications:
Windows 7, 8, or 10
250 GB HDD space
2 GB Video memory
Additional Notes:
4 GB of free space on a hard drive is required to install the game.
Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account required.
Supported configurations:
System Requirements:

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