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Your code is not reading in all of the lines of the file. If you add
var lines = File.ReadAllLines(pathToFile);

var lines will be a List. Lines are a list of strings.
Your problem is that, using the ReadLines() method the lines it reads are not fully. You have to pass the byte array read. The ReadLines() does not read a byte array.
There are various ways to do this with a byte array. Instead of this:

.Where(line => line!= string.Empty && line.Contains(“person”));

Will return a list of strings where each string is one of the lines that has a person in it.

Approximately 95% of cellular phenotypic traits are governed by genes. Understanding how genes interact to control cellular processes is essential to unravel the etiology of human diseases including cancers. The goal of this proposal is to develop and characterize novel protein interaction and regulatory systems for gene-based cellular phenotyping. Specifically, we aim to develop computational tools and large-scale experimental screens for generating protein-protein interactions and regulatory information. High-throughput protein interaction screens are the most direct way of discovering proteins that interact with a given gene product. Presently, most protein interaction screens rely on bi-functional tags that bind to each partner within a protein complex. The most common assay format utilizes the yeast two-hybrid system, which is dependent on a bait protein and an indicator protein for successful protein-protein interaction detection. In addition to the labor-intensive construction of these reporter systems, two main issues limit the applications of these assays. First, the reliability of the two-hybrid approach is always dependant on the existing bait protein and thus is biased towards a limited set of proteins. As a result, these screens provide limited coverage of the human proteome. Second, the two-hybrid format is not generalizable to mammalian cells, and thus can only be applied to a small subset of proteins. Currently, there are no assays to study protein-protein interactions in mammalian cells. We propose to develop a new assay format called localized protein-protein interaction detection (LPPID) for protein-protein interactions. The LPPID platform was developed based on the unique properties of existing

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