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OPENwebRadio PC is a lightweight program which allows you to listen to your favorite Internet radio streams. The new improved version of the program to listen to music! Almost all countries in the world! Listen to your favorite radio station whenever you want! Database than 5,000 stations already and still grow.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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It’s time to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations. Now in this version is even more than 5,000 radios, with a database of more than 5,000 stations. It’s time to listen to all the radio stations.

AOPEN web Radio PC

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OPENwebRadio PC 1.00 For PC

•Multilingual (English and Spanish)
•Listen and customize radio stations
•Listen to Internet radio stations
•Has a news bulletin service
•More than 5000 stations to select from
•New version of the application
•Allows to listen to the same radio from the same station
•Identify and isolate sound
•Allows you to listen to the internet radio on your PC (support Internet Explorer)
•Configure and save your favorite Internet radio stations
•Match and sort stations
•Create favorites
•Statistics of your favorites
•Copy and paste favorite stations to create playlists
•Set alert sound
•Built in bookmark
•Tune radio
•Create new station
•Play station
•Search station
•Search station with matching music
•Search station with matching artist
•Search station with matching album
•Search station with matching composer
•Search station with matching genre
•Search station with matching lyrics
•Search station with matching label
•Search station with matching program
•Search station with matching playtime
•Search station with matching song
•Search station with matching singer
•Search station with matching title
•Search station with matching year of publication
•Search station with matching lyrics
•Download station
•Advanced Settings
•Top Stations
•Last Updated

LISTEN to your favorite Internet radio stations! Get the radio services that you love listening to using OPENwebRadio! Turn on any Internet radio – air radio, streaming radio, internet radio, internet radio channel for free in any browser and listen to more than 5,000 radio stations. No more boring radio stations – yours! If you are looking for a program that will allow you to listen to your favorite Internet radio and work at the same time and with more than 5,000 stations – OPENwebRadio is a good choice. Music and Internet radios – this is what you’ve been waiting for! If you are looking for a radio that offers a large database of stations in any country, supported by a service of relevant news, then it is time to download OPENwebRadio!
Easy search to find a radio station that matches your taste – music or Internet radio – OPENwebRadio does it for you. Thanks to the new version, you can enjoy any radio without having to find the station by the name of the radio –

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List of Open-Source pc radio stations.
Spend less time searching for a radio station.
Enjoy full function of the radio.
Portable radio which is easy to carry.
You can make a radio phone without a phone.
Already share an IP number for some radio, you can do freely without limitations.
You can connect to any audio Internet without installing a local radio program.
You can directly connect to Internet radio service provider (ISP).
No need to subscribe to sound tracks, it’s free.
As soon as you connect to any Internet service provider (ISP) or radio, it automatically generates a password.

The Portable Internet Radio is a free application that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite Internet radio stations from anywhere and on any PC. Listen to your favorites stations in low or high quality, or even get other users’ stations if you want. Find stations by searching the online radio library of up to 3,000 stations from all over the world.
The Portable Internet Radio Notes:
The Portable Internet Radio is the ideal solution to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations, while you work, study, or run errands. Portable Internet Radio can be used with PC running Windows XP or later, is easy to use and has a clean interface.
Key Features:
Add, delete or edit the library of Internet stations by using the built-in file browser, where you can conveniently access all your media, music, videos, and photos.
Search the Internet stations in your library using keywords or browse stations by category. With the Portable Internet Radio, you can access your favorite stations by having just one program running.
Play music from a station in your library of up to 3,000 stations from any country, just by entering its URL in your browser, or connect to a website of an online radio provider via the Internet.
Portable Internet Radio allows you to listen to radio in high or low quality, and change the volume of music according to your needs.
Play music using the built-in player, or play music using a virtual radio in Windows Media Player with Winamp.
Check each station’s rating from 1 to 10 and use the built-in Station Mapping tool to quickly find stations from a specific country, city, or neighborhood.
The Portable Internet Radio is designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use. It has a minimal icon on your system tray and runs quietly in the background.

This application allows you to scan external devices for

What’s New in the?

OPENwebRadio is a small program designed to stream the Internet radio station. Listen to your favorite artists and songs using this little program. Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, you can choose your favorite radio station and listen to his music, full screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Internet Explorer users should change in options to use the new default browser. Check you default browser if not yet done.


The default sound system is of the operating system Windows Vista by default the sound to support the music, movies, and games. Note: If you have problems with sound, try to select Sound from the menu.

In the Windows Vista menu, make sure you have a correct sound system by the processor (32 bits or 64 bits). If your processor is 64 bits, then on the desktop you have Sound or Sound from the menu.

In the sound system configuration, you must select a sound system under Preferences (or Settings) > general.

In the sound system, the available choices are to set Sound in the desktop or the menu on the desktop as needed. If you want to use your own music or DVDs movies that contain a sound system, you can change the settings in this menu. If you connect a speaker or headphones, your volume will be much louder.


If the sound system is not working, your settings may be defaulted to use the Windows Vista sound system.

Before changing the sound system, you must change the default settings, as shown in the following images. Go to Settings, and then Preferences (or Settings) > sound.

You can also use the sound system of Windows Vista, and then click on Apply.

You can also change the default sound to the version you want to use in Windows Vista. To do this, you can choose one of the two ways to change the default sound system for Windows Vista in the Sound prefs menu.

Sound List: To specify a particular sound system that is already installed on the system, click Sound List. In the list, you can choose the sound system. If you wish to delete the sound system, uncheck the sound system you want to delete from the list.

Sound: To manually choose a sound system, type the sound system name in the search field, and then select the sound system from the resulting list. If you do not see the sound system you want to use on the list, you can press Enter.

Windows Explorer

Your default

System Requirements For OPENwebRadio PC:

Standalone Windows-based OS

64-bit CPU
1 GB of RAM
3 GB of available hard drive space
3 GB of available hard disk space
Internet connection
Mozilla Firefox
Web browser: Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Web browser: Internet Explorer
Other requirements:
60/120 Hz compatible monitor
Minimum of 2GB monitor resolution
Minimum of 1024 x 768 display resolution
Minimum of 80% usage time of device while connected to a power source
Device display must

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