Novation Bass Station Vsti V1.10.High Quality Full.rar


Novation Bass Station Vsti V1.10.full.rar

this is a nocturn map of the novation bass station, with the first 2 pages based off of the remote 25 le midi template. i posted another one that might be more straight forward, but decided to post both anyways. i just happen to have a remote 25 le, so i thought it might be useful to those already used to working with it.

novations flagship synth, peak, sounds fantastic. but what else could you expect from an instrument designed by none others than chris hugget, the brains behind classic synths such as the oscar, wasp, supernova and bass station in this course, synth expert rishabh rajan covers all features of this compact but incredibly powerful desktop synth.

after giving an overview of peaks user interface, rishabh literally goes through all the knobs, buttons and faders of this deep synthesizer. you learn how to use peaks numerically controlled oscillators (ncos), how to create rich textures by stacking and detuning them, and why the shape control is not just a wavetable position control. you discover all the modulation options available, and how to use them to create everything from subtle pitch movement to crazy sound mangling effects. next, rishabh demystify the smooth resonant multi-mode (and completely analogue) filter section, the great-sounding built-in effects, and flexible arpeggiator. the course ends by explaining how to reverse engineer a complex preset patch in order to understand what is really going on under the hood!

so learn to master novations peak with synth expert rishabh rajan, and get the most out of this revolutionary eight-voice polyphonic desktop synthesizer.


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