If you want to reset the security code, use 0110452157 as the security code and change the current code. If you have any other problem, please call me at +919917436086. Don’t forget: if you have a problem that you want to report, first find a page on the site called “Questions and Answers” or something like that, and look for a section called “General Questions”. If you can’t find the page this link links to, please follow the link.

How to enter unlock code for Nokia phone model . 1. Insert a new unaccepted SIM card. . (It will also show how many attempts are left). 3. Select the “Call Settings” option from Menu . 4. Enter PUK to unlock your phone. (If you don’t remember the PUK , has information on how to enter the PUK .) 5. Enter the PUK one more time to confirm that the PUK entered is correct. 6. You will receive a message that the SIM card has been replaced (if you do not receive it, press the “Options” button in the Menu and select “Call settings”.) 7. Dial PUK again and enter a new PUK . 8. Press the “Menu” button to open Menu.

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