Mg2 Bb3 “Kancamp”.mp3.The present invention relates to a method of and apparatus for the nondestructive test of glass containers.
Glass containers such as vials, flasks, ampoules, etc. are often in demand in the pharmaceutical and medical fields where they are used for storing chemical agents, for example, and are generally produced in large quantities. However, they are susceptible to being attacked by microorganisms, particularly in the case of glass flasks in which carbon dioxide gas is often used to preserve the contents over prolonged periods, and their strengths tend to vary with temperature. In particular, when such glass containers are stored at elevated temperatures, there is a tendency for the glass to crack, leading to contamination and possible breakage of the glass container.
To date, there have been no convenient or reliable means available for accurately assessing the presence of cracks in such glass containers. Moreover, the total duration of storage of such a container is not always accurately predicted, thereby leading to difficulties in being able to plan storage schedules.
To this end, it would be desirable to have a practical method of rapidly and accurately identifying glass containers that are cracked, so that any glass containers found to be cracked can be readily segregated.
The present invention provides a method of and apparatus for performing a nondestructive test on glass containers that avoids these and other drawbacks of the prior art.
In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a method of and apparatus for performing a nondestructive test on glass containers which includes the steps of illuminating the glass container with an illuminating light beam, introducing a component of the light beam having a first predetermined wavelength into the container, and then detecting the component having the first predetermined wavelength reflected from a surface of the container.
In a preferred embodiment, the glass container is a glass container which is sealed with a lid, the lid being formed with a viewing window. The illuminating light beam is preferably introduced through the viewing window, and the reflected component is detected by an optical detector.
In addition, for purposes of the present invention, a component is defined as a portion of the light beam, and is hereinafter called a xe2x80x9csubcomponentxe2x80x9d of the light beam. The reflected component of the light beam is a subcomponent of the light beam having a characteristic absorbed by the surface of the container, for example having a characteristic which is absorbed by the surface of the container at a predetermined rate

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This invention relates to an image-forming apparatus, an image-forming method and a reagent container, and more specifically to an image-forming apparatus, an image-forming method and a reagent container used for an electrophotographic image-forming apparatus.
2) Description of the Related Art
An image-forming apparatus using electrophotography typically employs a developing cartridge that incorporates a developing roller, a supply roller, a developer storage container, and a developer regulation member. The developing cartridge is generally formed in such a manner that the developing roller and the supply roller are spaced apart in the longitudinal direction in a cylindrical developing case, and a developer storage container is mounted between the developing roller and the supply roller. The developer regulation member is disposed in the developer storage container for regulating a mixture ratio of a carrier and a toner contained in the developer and then for maintaining the toner density at a predetermined level. The image-forming apparatus is assembled by mounting the developing cartridge on an apparatus main body of the image-forming apparatus.
The developer regulation member disposed in the developing case of the developing cartridge contacts the developer stored in the developer storage container. The developer regulation member regulates the toner contained in the developer to the predetermined toner density and mixes the developer by a developing roller and the supply roller.
In the developing cartridge, the developer regulation member is typically biased to the developing roller and the supply roller by a bias supplied from a developing bias power source and a supply bias power source. Here, a power source line is connected to the developing bias power source and the supply bias power source of a power source terminal of the image-forming apparatus, and a ground line is connected to the developing bias power source and the supply bias power source of a ground terminal of the image-forming apparatus. Thus, the developing cartridge is energized for developing on the developing roller by the developing bias power source, supplying the toner to the developing roller by the supply bias power source, and generating a development bias.
A conventional image-forming apparatus will now be described with reference to a flowchart of FIG. 9. First, at step S901, a power-on process is executed (image formation not shown). Then, at

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