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HeapAlg DataWriter Expected outcomes. DVDRip x264. cm:c8a431e25f multisim14freedownloadwithcrackandkeygen Atrigo Atrigo (, ) is a town in the Balangero Municipality of the autonomous community of Galicia in northwest Spain. The town of Atrigo is the seat of the urban parish of the same name. Etymology The name Atrigo derives from the name of a pre-Romanic female deity, best known today as Roman Minerva. In the Roman period, the town was named Attica or Attica (), most likely due to the presence of a temple to the deity in the village. At some time the ancient name of Attica was replaced with that of Atrio, by a relocation of the municipal seat in the late medieval period, but the name of Atrio remained in use until recently. Population The population of the town of Atrigo in 2001 was 4,496 inhabitants. Atrigo stands at of altitude. History In 2,600 BC the prehistoric settlement of Atrigo was settled by the Mediterranea cult, the earliest human settlers in the region. The oldest archaeological site in the municipality, a Colunga-type settlement, was discovered in the late 1950s. On the Roman road ran through the city, all the way to Olite, another Roman city. During the Middle Ages, the population moved from Atrio to nearby Estella, a Turdetanian settlement with about half the town’s area and population, but at the beginning of the 12th century the Atriense population reclaimed its original settlement.


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