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Mmana Gal

It is no doubt, that anyone, who wants to use MMANA-GAL, first will try to download the program from the which can be found at . But it may happen, that this won’t work, especially on a slow internet connection. So here is the alternate approach.

Download the MMANA-GAL and extract the files to a desired location. Open a command prompt window and type ‘
‘cd cd ‘cd “your directory” and press Enter on your keyboard. You may have to change ‘your directory’ by ‘the root directory’ where the MMANA-GAL file was just saved. An example would be:
‘cd cd “C:\Program Files”

cd”C:\Program Files\Common Files”

cd”C:\Program Files\Common Files\MMANA-GAL”

NOTE: In Windows 7 64 bit, ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files’ is not the program directory but ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files’. However, in Windows XP, ‘C:\Program Files’ is the program directory, so you should use the latter instead of the former.

Type ‘

cd MMANA-GAL’ followed by your directory, like so:

If the command does not work, check your spelling and choose the correct directory. Now type ‘
‘cd “your directory”

To make a user account for yourself which you can use for your MMANA-GAL download, it would be a good idea to not accept any certificates on the way during the initial installation (click OK). Choose Next. Now click on the account type button in the lower left side. There is an Option called ‘User Account’, which provides you a user name and password. This user account should only be used for software download. In the fields ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ type your username (the user name you have choosen) and the password you chose. Click Next and then click on the ‘Finish’ button on the right of the screen. After this, a message should appear that the installation process started. Continue with the rest of the steps, using the default information provided.


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