Meteorologia E Oceanografia Paulo Roberto Valgas Loborar ⌛

Meteorologia E Oceanografia Paulo Roberto Valgas Loborar ⌛


Meteorologia E Oceanografia Paulo Roberto Valgas Loborar

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Event handler throws null error?

I have the following:
static void Main(string[] args)
MyClass mc = new MyClass();
Button button = new Button();
button.Click += new EventHandler(new TestButtonClick(mc));
button.Text = “Test”;
MessageBox.Show(mc.TestResult); // always NULL

public void TestMethod(Button button)
button.Text = “Test1”;

static void TestButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
((MyClass)sender).TestResult = “Test1”;

The issue is that it always gives me null for TestResult, and I cannot seem to figure out why it is.
I’m using WinForms and.NET 4.0


Instead of doing MyClass mc = new MyClass(); try MyClass mc = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID(“MyClass”));

Image caption Mr Jarvis said he thought the whole episode could have been avoided if doctors had diagnosed the child’s heart condition early

A man who left his three-year-old son with a tube down his nose and into his stomach and paralysed his left arm is to face action.

On Tuesday, Adam Jarvis, 24, of Ravenhoe, County Durham, pleaded guilty to child neglect and causing injury by careless driving and told magistrates in Stockton-on-Tees that he had no recollection of how it happened.

His wife told the court she would raise the child, who is now four, from where she and the couple’s other child were staying with his maternal grandparents.

Mr Jarvis suffered serious head injuries in the crash and was taken to South Tees Hospital where surgeons tried to remove a tube from his right nostril.

The next day, the child was taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital where surgeons discovered a tube entering his heart.

‘Severely affected child’

In the dock of Stockton magistrates’ court, Mr Jarvis admitted causing serious injury to the boy and was granted conditional bail until his sentencing

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