Marc Nelson Chocolate Mood (1999) Retail Cd

Marc Nelson Chocolate Mood (1999) Retail Cd

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Marc Nelson Chocolate Mood (1999) Retail Cd

the most romantic and successful night of my life was the night i met him. i was 17, newly married, and gianmarcos girlfriend, sonja, was pregnant with their first baby. i was on my way to their apartment, which was 10 minutes away by foot, when a cab pulled up alongside me. out stepped a gorgeous, charming, italian man, who quickly introduced himself as gianmarco. i told him, hes beautiful and its my birthday. he then explained that he was interested in meeting me because sonja had told him that i had helped to convince her to go out with him. i will always remember his lil smirk as he told me that sonja had been my best friend, before i knew that i had one.

gianmarco was even better in person than he was in the photos on his website. he was sweet, funny, kind, generous, and loving. he was a true renaissance man, and i adored him. he was my perfect match and the love of my life. i told him that he was the only man who ever made me want to be a better person, and he was the only man i ever wanted to be with. he was strong, intelligent, and more than anything else, just pure and genuine. he really was the one.

nelson’s timing was impeccable. he was only 18 when he became the pianist for the chateau d’eau nightclub in new orleans. for years, he owned the club and hosted the legendary preservation hall jazz band. in 1947, he and several friends formed the group the drifters. “drifters” was originally part of a folk song by ray charles. they enjoyed immediate success and soon became the house band at new orleans’ bourbon street. he recorded a number of songs that gained national attention, and in the early 60s, they became a hit act, with hits including “up on the roof” and “up jumped spring.” in 1966, nelson married singer etta james. the couple had three children, including popular actress issa rae.


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