Led Edit 2014 Software 75 BETTER

Led Edit 2014 Software 75 BETTER


Led Edit 2014 Software 75

: shows NO trace of it in resources. None of my programs /led editor or any other utility are able to detect it either.

I thought the problem was my computer using to much memory, that led me to run system cleanup I tried to repair the registry: but that did not work, I disabled almost all services but didnt help. What are my options at this point?


Unfortunately I have been unable to solve this problem. Is not a virus, it’s not a trojan or spyware. Everything else was checked. I have also tried to uninstall all softwares from my computer without any success.
I have been suffering from this problem for 3 weeks. I don’t know if my computer is bad, or if it’s just that the problem is somehow related with the ROM. Every time I open the computer, the same symptoms appears for some seconds, then the screen goes black. I can see that the network adapter seems to be working, and when I connect to the internet via LAN or bluetooth, the icons of the programs stay and the WiFi is working, so I just have the black screen for no particular reason.
I have also tried to reinstall the ROM, and to add files that I hope may be useful to solve this problem.
Here are the steps that I have tried :

Repair the registry from (logged in as administrator)
Update the BIOS from Asus website
Install a new RAM
Upgrade the stock ROM of the motherboard, from the recovery mode
Install the latest driver for the motherboard, from the ASUS website (AT45DB-E)
Install a new battery from or another brand (I have to check the brand from my new battery)
Install a new RAM (both DDR3 PC4-19200 and DDR3 PC4-19100)
Do nothing, to see if the problem will still be there
Open a pc repair shop and ask for help
Reinstall my computers from an image that I have created, without any software
Do nothing, to see if the problem will still be there


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